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August 2, 2010

WWDB? Blue Diamond Almonds

WWDB? = What Would Desi Buy?

I never thought I was an almond kind of girl. I mean, I like nuts in my candy bars and ice cream, but not usually alone. Then I was introduced to a beautiful thing. Almonds. Specifically, Blue Diamond Bold flavor almonds. I have seen them sold at Walgreens, Kroger, and Bigg's in my own personal experience. They run about $3.49 or $3.99 for a 6 ounce can. They are soooo good! I have tried several flavors now. The Habanero BBQ, and the Wasabi & Soy Sauce are my two faves! They are both bursting with flavor. The Habanero BBQ have a meaty, barbeque flavor and at the same time a hint of heat. The Wasabi are exactly how they sound... strong, but delicious! They are packin the heat! One time, my dad picked me up a can and I swear these were so heavily drenched in wasabi seasoning, my mouth was on fire but I loved every minute of it. I long to find another can with THAT much seasoning (kind of like when you find that one great bag of Grippos that has so much seasoning!), oh, but I'm still searchin!

Coming in at a VERY close third is the Lime 'N Chili kind. The very first time I had them, it was such a strong lime flavor that I loved. Ever since then, however, I have found that these don't have as much flavor as the first time I had them. In fact, they have tasted pretty plain. But I just love the mix of the tart lime with the spicy chili. I just wish it had MORE seasoning. Oh if it did, this could maybe be up there in the running for first. There would be a 3-way tie for first!

I have also tried the Blazin' Buffalo Wing flavor, which I was really excited about and expected to be yummy, but they were really just super salty. In a bad way. And I like salt. I also tried the Jalapeno Smokehouse which again, I expected to be delish. But they were missing something and didn't really have any seasoning on them, just a little jalapeno flavor, like it was inside the nut, not a coating on the outside. I didn't like these at all.

Their website claims they also have a Salt & Vinegar, and a Salt & Pepper flavor - both of which I haven't yet tried. I haven't seen those flavors in any of my neighboring stores.

Buy these. Soon and very soon! If you like bold flavors.