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August 12, 2010

Restaurant Review : Long John Silver's in Newport, KY

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved Long John Silver's. Something about their grease-covered fried fish and shrimp keep me coming back for more. Growing up in the Lockland area, my mom used to drive to Tri County just to get me some Long Johns. Thanks, Mom. You must love me. So I'm sure one day I will pass my love of Long Johns onto my children. It's a tradition! A requirement to fit in our family. 

The one in Newport is connected to a KFC. Fried fish, and fried chicken. Both good choices. Sometimes it is hard for me to decide if I want one or the other. I usually go with Long Johns because in my head, if I ordered KFC, it would just taste like fried fish anyways. But good idea whoever decided to put these two together. Well, good and bad for me. Good because it tastes so good. But bad because, well, I fear I will die an unpleasant death by fried-ness.  

I drove here for a quick to-go lunch and planned to devour it in my car before running a quick errand at Kroger.

Today I decided to get 3 shrimp and 1 piece of fish (both $1.49 each). You see those crispy delights hidden underneath my shrimp? I like to call those "crispies", and I like to have them in my belly. One time, I even went there to order just a drink and a box of "crispies." The strange thing is that when I ordered it, the cashier didn't even looked phased. Like they were used to people ordering greasy fried batter. Hey, and it didn't even cost anything! They also have very good chicken, and hush puppies. I am not big on their fries because they usually taste too much like fish and not fries. One time I also tried those breaded lobster bites, because um I love lobster. But I was not likin' those! I'll stick to the real thing.

I have gone to the Newport Long John Silver's so many times in the past 2 years since my job moved to Covington, that they know my voice when I pull up to the intercom. I have "befriended" a nice blond girl, as well as a thin black woman. I mean after seeing those two as often as I do, I feel like we know each other and have some other kind of relationship that goes beyond the drive-up window. They know what I want. And they know I want tartar sauce. Lots of it. I feel so special!

And yet I wonder why I'm so fat chunky enormous  thick, probably from 20+ years of eating fried batter!

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