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August 11, 2010

Restaurant Review : Nick & Tony's in Covington

Bye, bye Subway - hello Nick & Tony's! I have been waiting for a restaurant to open up in the old Subway on Scott St. right by my work. I love close, convenient places where I can just grab my lunch and go. So a couple of weeks after they opened up, I decided to try them. I mean, double deckers are always good!

Now I'm not gonna lie, it is a little strange to me that they still have the same Subway equipment in there such as the toppings cooler and drink machine. Boy oh boy I hope they sanitized all of it to health code standards! But enough of the nasty thoughts. Even though there was only one couple in front of me in line, it seemed to take quite awhile for my food. I ordered a turkey and boiled egg double decker with tomato, lettuce, and mayo. It is $5.25 for a double decker. It is alot of meat though! Too much for me to eat at once! I have been back since and got a single decker for $4.25. These sandwiches come with chips.

I asked the cook if he made the bacon in the microwave (because I hate microwaved bacon and need to know now if I will ever eat bacon from there) and he informed me that he bakes it in the oven on a sheet pan. I have never baked bacon, so I would be interested to see how it tastes. It HAS to be better than microwaved bacon. YUCK! They also have hot sandwiches (like gyros, reubens, etc.), wraps, soups and salads.

Unfortunately, though I like the food and convenience, I have boycotted them for awhile. I got very sick after eating there one day. Who is to say if it was because of this place or not? Certainly not me. You know how you are just a little nervous about going back even if you know that may not have been the cause? I'm sure it doesn't help that I have a fear of the whole Subway stuff still being in there. So just in case it was the cause of my sickness, I am taking a break from them until I just feel better about going. One day I know I'll be up to going again, but until then.... I'll miss you, Nick and Tony! Whoever you are. Don't take it personally!

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