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August 6, 2010

Restaurant Review : Skyline Chili in Mainstrasse {CLOSED}

I go back and forth between liking and being disappointed in Skyline. When I go long periods of time without eating it, I can appreciate it more. But, I realize that I go long periods without eating it because it doesn't urge me to come back again and again. Like some restaurants do. Some I can't stay away from!  Now, I didn't take any pics. All I ordered was a 4-way with onions. I figure we all know what a 4-way looks like. Piled high with some cheese of course.

A few coworkers and I went to the Mainstrasse location for lunch today. Yes, we have to hop in the car and drive a couple of blocks. But it's worth it to get a little more peace and quiet (and better service?) than the Skyline on Scott Blvd. That one is usually packed because it is in the heart of some Covington businesses. The one on Mainstrasse has seemed less crowded when I have been. And considering that the last time I dined at the Skyline on Scott Blvd. there was a waitress yelling and arguing with her boss in front of customers, I don't have a great urge to go back there very often.

So yes, the 4-way was pretty good. Their crackers are tasty to snack on while waiting. But now my tummy aches as I write this post. Skyline always makes me feel gross, bloated, nauseous, and that I reak of onions and cheese all day long after I have eaten it. Today was no different. So at the time it is good, but I suffer later.

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