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August 19, 2010

Restaurant Review : First Watch in Covington

I don't know why I don't go to First Watch more often. They are located close to my work in the River Center building, AND they offer breakfast all day (well, until 2:30 PM when they close at least). And I am a breakfast kinda gurl. I just forget about them sometimes....

First Watch understands my love of breakfast food. I hate waking up early, but I love breakfast food!

Their kitchen is in the back of the restaurant behind the booths and tables, see for yourself.

It wasn't too busy but there were a few customers. My kinda place. Quiet and relaxing. When I was here, there were only male servers. My server Michael was extremely pleasant and accomodating. He gets a thumbs up for customer service!

I got overly excited when I looked at the menu - breakfast items galore! Omelets and pancakes and crepes, oh my! I wanted to order everything on the menu. Oh yeah, and they have a lunch menu also for you non-breakfast peeps (sandwiches, salads, and wraps).  But my mind was on breakfast. My recent addiction to avocado is what influenced me to try the Bacado Omelet - a combination of bacon and avocado in a fluffy omelet served with sour cream and salsa, as well as their potatoes and an english muffin.
Unfortunately, the only thing I really enjoyed was the english muffin with some strawberry jam on top. The omelet was a disappointment - there was barely any bacon in it, and the avocado looked brown in parts and tasted strange which turned me off a bit. I wasn't impressed. I think I could make a better omelet at home. Here is a closer look at the omelet.... all the fixings to be perfection, but it just wasn't.
And I usually love breakfast potatoes, but these were just not crispy enough and were also somewhat cold. What a disappointment! Now let me explain so that I am not labeled a contradictionist - I am going to give this a rating that I liked the restaurant, because I like the idea of all that breakfast food, and the setting is comfortable and relaxed, and I want to try other menu items. It was not so horrible that I would rate that I disliked the restaurant. Many of their menu items sound delicious, so I would definitely give it another try.

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Krista said...

Too bad the omelet was a disappointment. You can (almost) never go wrong with bacon and avocado. Better luck next time!

Desi said...

I know right! I love bacon, avocado, and eggs! Maybe now I have an idea for an omelet to make at home though... :)

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

My hubby and I went to First Watch (first time for me) Saturday morning for breakfast and guess what I ordered? The Bacado Omelet! I wasn't blown away but I thought it was pretty good. My potatoes looked completely different and they were crispy and delicious! I guess you'll have to come to the Kansas City location :)