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August 11, 2010

Restaurant Review : Burrito Joes - Downtown on 4th St.

Ever since I started blogging, I have been more open to trying restaurants that I normally wouldn't try. I used to work at Dillard's Salon in Tri-County mall, and there was a Burrito Joe's in the food court that I NEVER went to. That was before my blogging days :) I am not big on Mexican food as it is, except for Chipotle of course, which I'm sure many would not consider 'true' Mexican food. So when my coworkers mentioned traveling across the bridge back to Cincy and hitting up Burrito Joe's on 4th Street, I was half hesitant half excited. Parking of course can be a BLEEP, but we finally found a meter on another street and walked there. Being in the downtown setting did bring back some good memories and feelings though. All the bustle, all the people!

 I found myself wondering if they had burrito bowls like Chipotle. But then I told myself to snap out of it! Be open to something new.  Upon entering, I saw that they have burritos (obviously!), salads, tacos, and nachos. No Bowls :(  But that was ok, it forced me to try something else :) I opted for one of their specialty burritos - the Southwest BLT Burrito. It had bacon, cheddar and pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a side of black bean salsa. The salsa wasn't anything special. I much prefer the corn salsa from (sorry to say it, AGAIN!) Chipotle.

I thought there was too much bacon. And I love bacon. But there was just too much. It overpowered the burrito and had me wishing I had ordered a chicken burrito instead. And there was no guacamole for dipping my chips, (like that one place) so they were just pretty plain. So overall I wasn't very impressed.

My coworker tried the Buffalo Chicken Burrito, but unfortunately only got a tiny bit of chicken and an overwhelming amount of sauce, basically a liquid burrito! The blue cheese-celery slaw that comes in it sure does sound tasty, though!

Sorry peeps, I'm still a Chipotle-lovin' fool! Sorry if my non-Mexican eating habits bother you, I know everyone loves Mexican food. But this steak and potatoes gurl isn't a fan of blah chips, liquidy salsa, lackluster burritos, and odd random decor.

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