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August 13, 2010

WWDB? Mike's Crantini

WWDB? = What Would Desi Buy?

Alcohol makes all of us happy. Ok maybe not all of us but most of us. Ok maybe not most of us but some of us. Ok maybe not some of us but mainly I am talking about myself. I normally don't get these Mike's Hard Lemonade drinks anymore. They were so high school (underage drinking is not promoted here!). Now I need stronger drinks with MORE alcohol. But these were on sale at my liquor store for reasonably cheap so I thought I would try them. I love mixing vodka and cranberry juice, so I figured I would like these. Make sure to serve them extra cold! They aren't better than the real hard vodka stuff, but for a little mixed bottle drink... it was pretty tasty. It all started with the basic Mike's Hard Lemonade but has expanded. This is one of their premium cocktails. They come in packs of four, from what I have seen. In the premium cocktails collection, they also offer pomegranate martini, screwdriver, lemon-drop, mike-arita (like a margarita I'm guessing?), and mojito - all of which I need to try! Their website also says they sell Mike's Harder Lemonade and Mike's Harder Cranberry Lemonade, as well as Classic Margarita in traditional lime, raspberry, or peach flavors. I want to try but have not seen Mike's Hard Mango (or Pomegranate) Punch. They also make a tea version - Mike's Hard Tea (and Hard Light Tea). Well, that's all for now. Can't wait to enjoy one of these after work.

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