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July 31, 2010

Restaurant Review : Wild Mike's on Harrison

MMM. I have always been a lover of wings. But to find great wings is a task. I grew up on Buffalo Wings and Rings wings, and TGI Friday frozen wings in a box. Well done. I don't like slimy skin on my wings, I want it to be crispy! That's why I thoroughly enjoy Wild Mike'sB-dubs. They are also big and meaty. Take a look for yourself. wings. They are crispy but not too overdone, and the skin isn't slimy like that of

These here are the Garlic Buffalo medium wings. Look at that sauce, waiting to be dipped in.

My fiancee got the Mike's Mix medium, which is a mix of all of the sauces: Original Buffalo, Garlic Buffalo, Kansas City BBQ, and Ginger Teriyaki. All of them mixed together really is an amazing sauce. Just think, a BBQ sauce with a hint of teriyaki, garlic, and buffalo sauce.

After you pick your flavor, you pick your temperature. We always get medium, it's just right. Not too spicy and not too mild.

It is also hard for me to find good potato skins. And these are indeed good. They are crispy and not undercooked. And they put ample bacon and cheese on them. They come with a side of sour cream for dipping. I really enjoy these.

And my fiance gets the loaded baked potato, which I occasionally venture out and order. Again, it is a basic delicious loaded potato. The downfall is that nearly everytime we call at dinner time, they are all out of the baked potatoes. My fiancee and I wonder how you run out of something at a restaurant. He works for a catering company, so that makes sense to me that they could run out of food because it's based on how much food the client orders for that party. And if they don't order enough food, then obviously the result is to run out. But how does a restaurant run out of baked potatoes? Like on a regular basis? Wouldn't you just make sure you have more baked potato stock? It's a pet peeve of mine, because it happens regularly. I could see it happening a couple of times, and them on a trial and error basis realizing that they need to buy more. But it isn't sinking in apparently, because we eat out here ALOT. And they run out of baked potatoes probably 75% of the time. But I'm getting side-tracked. Here is the loaded baked potato...

Get on in here to Wild Mike's. We keep going back. And like I said, good wings are hard to come by. And Mike (or the cooks, at least) keeps 'em coming.

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