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July 16, 2010

Restaurant Review : Trotta's Pizza

It seems as though I may be in the minority, but I was not a big fan of Trotta's Pizza based on the one hoagy I had from there. It seems like I should have tried the pizza, which seems to be the rave around town. I tried the old fashioned pot roast hoagy, since the pot roast panini that I tried from Tazza Mia was delicious, and assumed I would like the one from Trotta's also. I was wrong.

In comparison to the delicious pot roast sandwich that I have had for lunch at Tazza Mia, which has juicy pot roast, roasted carrots, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and chipotle mayo on garlic panini bread, Trotta's hoagy features slow-baked pot roast in rich gravy with onion and provolone cheese.  I did not like the gravy; it reminded me of something from a school cafeteria lunch that I would bypass in a heartbeat. I also tried to order the jalapeno poppers but they said they didn't have them. Another disappointment.

Besides this, every time I have called them for a delivery order, they tell me they aren't delivering. I called once on a Saturday in the afternoon, and they said they don't deliver until 4 PM. Then I called at 9:25 PM one evening, and they said they stop delivering at 9:30 PM (which it wasn't yet). So my fiancee and I joke that if we want to order a delivery from Trotta's that we have to order it between, say, like 6:05 PM and 6:17 PM. No but really, their delivery hours are very limited so that is one downside.

So I finally got a chance to eat here, because I picked it up, and I was disappointed. Though I didn't particularly like what I got on my first visit, I am not opposed to trying it out again. Especially since I live right down the street. I guess I should try the Lotta Trotta at some point, since Trotta's IS the Home of the Lotta Trotta.

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