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July 6, 2010

Restaurant Review : Eddie Merlot's Keeps Callin Me Back

We have been here about three times total since my first adventure in March for my 25th birthday. The very first time we went, AMAZING! The service was amazing; a kind pregnant woman was our waitress (I believe her name was Crys), and she was very informative seeing as it was our first time dining here. She showed us the meat selection, which was very fancy in my opinion because I have never had a waitress do this before! I ordered the bourbon-marinated ribeye, which was good, but not as good as I was expecting considering I had heard amazing reviews about it. I think I am just more of a filet kind of girl. It was good though, don't get me wrong. My boyfriend had the 3-course meal for $30, which I thought was a great deal. The crab cake sliders were pretty good, probably better without the bun (for me), the braised short ribs were amazingly tender and flavorful, though the veggies served with it were not great and kind of hard, and the banana cream pie was also delicious.

We loved it so much that we went back literally 2 days later, to try the all you can eat crab legs. Our server (Troy) was not as informative as our previous server. I ordered a key lime martini, and he spilled most of it on the floor and it got shaken up and was very foamy, and he commented on how foamy it was but still proceeded to give it to me. I mean, if I am going to spend a pretty good amount on a martini, I would expect to get what I pay for. He did not keep up with refills. He brought my boyfriend butter for the crab legs like 30 minutes before the food arrived, so it was cold by the time the crab even got there. We had to witness a table nearby getting excellent service from a different waiter who never left them for too long without anything, and who supplied ramekins of butter for the crab that were constantly being heated by a fire sterno. It seems crazy to me that we had an amazing experience, then 2 days later a horrible one. I figured it was just because of the all you can eat special, and gave them the benefit of doubt and went back again.

Our last experience was a very special occasion, for our 10 year anniversary, and the night my boyfriend proposed to me! So my new fiancee and I, after some dancing lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios (which were quite strange!), headed over to Eddie Merlot's. We received a complimentary jumbo chilled shrimp cocktail and it was delicious and looked very cool. 

Our server was better than the last time, thank God, but still no Crys. My fiancee ordered the beef and lobster wellington; this was our first time trying a beef wellington, and we were excited to try it as we have heard all about the recipe on cooking shows and wondered what it tasted like. I am not big on bread but it was pretty amazing. I had the trio of medallions, which featured three 4 oz. medallions... one with a bacon-blue cheese crust, one 'Oscar style,' and one with peppercorns. I enjoyed all of them, however my fiance didn't like any of those too much. We also tried Eddie's potatoes which were also delicious and big enough for 2 people. It was a great place to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and engagement! Eddie's has become one of our regular fine dining spots, and I can't wait for the next big occasion so I can go back!

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