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July 6, 2010

Restaurant Review : Stone Creek Dining Company in Montgomery

I had never heard of this restaurant before but came across it on The menu looked like just my kind of place so I thought I would try it.

We dined here for this past mother's day. I wanted to take my mama to an elegant restaurant, because Mama deserves the best! It was not busy at all when we got there, which was a pleasant surprise. The restaurant is located in the cute neighborhood of Montgomery. Now granted, it doesn't look like your typical restaurant on the outside. The inside is much nicer and has beautiful decor. They have parking underneath the restaurant which is convenient.

Let me start out by saying that this was possibly the best bread I have ever had! Actually, it wasn't the bread so much as the red dipping sauce which seemed to be like an olive oil-red pepper-sun dried tomato kind of sauce. It was better than any bread and butter combo I have ever had! The only other bread which may compare is good ole Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits. I feel like I want to go back just to have some more delicious bread, and I am not even a bread person! Oh how I wish I had taken a picture!

We ordered 3 different meals - the filet for my mama, the ribeye for my brother, and demi-glazed short ribs for me - and all were fantastic in my opinion! My mom likes her steak more well done so it was a little too pink for her. My short ribs were very tender with a nice flavor, and were served with a parmesan risotta cake which I wasn't too fond of. Forgot to take the pic until I had already dug in.

This place is kind of pricey, but I think worth it for the food. The only real downside was that our waiter hardly ever came to our table. I do not drink very fast at all, so if I run out of my drink and still haven't been offered any refills, that is pretty bad. We were sitting around without drinks for quite some time and it wasn't even that busy. We found out that it was because he took awhile to enter our order into the system, so that is why we were waiting so long for our food. Oh well, that just left more time for laughter and pictures! 

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!  

While I was out and about at Ikea yesterday, I saw the West Chester Stone Creek location (from I-75 off the Union Center exit on Mulhauser Road), and next I will make it a point to try that location instead of the Montgomery one.

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