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July 12, 2010

Restaurant Review : The Waffle House is not so Awful... House

I dined at the Covington Waffle House for lunch today. And damnit, I forgot to take pics! This is still new to me.... remembering to take pics of every restaurant meal I consume, and to take pics of every step of my cooking process... it gets hard to remember to do it all! So pardon my laziness, but this will be a review of Waffle House, without any pics :(

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their hashbrowns with mushrooms and cheese. My craving for those hashbrowns is what brought me to Waffle House today. Sure, the service isn't the best and the place itself isn't the cleanest (Oh how I try to overlook this part!). But sometimes you have to sacrifice such things for good, greasy food. So it only made sense for me to order my usual hashbrowns. I have wanted to try their omelets, so I ventured out and tried the cheesesteak omelet, with hashbrowns, and a biscuit. While the hashbrowns were delish (as usual!), I did not enjoy the omelet so much. There was just too much steak which overpowered the omelet, not to mention not the best grade of steak (duh, we're talking Waffle House here!). I did like how it looked though, very thick and very BIG and filling. This was wayyy too much food for me! The biscuits are ok, nothing special. I would be willing to try an omelet again, but their options are limited. They have a ham and cheese omelet, a plain cheese omelet, and I am not sure what other kinds but not many to choose from.

So the omelet was a miss, but my hashbrowns were just as tasty as I remembered.

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