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February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Day Recipes

Thinking about cooking your sweetie a romantic, heartfelt meal? Or are you making some treats for family, neighbors, teachers, or coworkers? 

You're in the right place!

To me, nothing says "I love you" more than good food. Flowers? Mushy cards? Those are good and all. But give me a nice home cooked meal, some chocolate, maybe a cocktail or some wine and it's official. I love you.  

Here's some delicious Valentine recipes to show that special someone you care. Prepare for all things romantic and PINK and RED!

Grilled Filets with Bourbon Butter
(you can sear them on the skillet since it's not really grilling weather)

Strawberries and Cream Crunch Parfaits

Chocolate Cherry Chunk Brownies

Um going back through past recipes, I realize how many old posts don't have pictures anymore! Grr, so frustrating. That's from way back when I reached my photo limit on blogger and accidentally deleted tons of photos from my posts. I've been meaning to go back and add photos to those posts again, but there's so many. Hopefully I still have the pics saved on a memory card! One day, one day. 

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!

Peace, and bacon grease!

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