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February 23, 2014

Obsessions + Confessions

Are you ready for my latest obsessions + confessions? Where I tell you about all things I'm currently obsessin over, and share my latest confessions and things going on in my little ole life.

Finally getting over negative degree temps, but I'll still take a warm, comforting bowl of this Buffalo Chicken Chili.

Blood Orange-Champagne Crème Brûlée. So so so pretty. 

Banana Split Cupcakes on my mind!

Still got Girl Scout cookies on the brain? How about some Simple Samoas Bars?

Homemade Velveeta. Yes, homemade.

I'm sure by now you guys know I'm not much of a salmon fan. I really want to like it. And I feel like I could with the right recipe. This could be that right recipe. Or this. Or both. 

This looks like the perfect breakfast... eggs, bacon and spice.

Bye bye, Jay Leno. You're cute for this. I didn't really watch the show much but I always loved when he did the "headlines"  :)

Prepare yourself for cuteness + inspiration. That little girl brightens up my soul.

10 of the coolest food jobs. They definitely need to add Food Blogger to that list!

All done with two more Saturday clinical classes! Woohoo! I had to celebrate with fried food and beer, and sushi too  :)  

♥ Love these ladies ♥

Peace, and bacon grease!


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