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October 12, 2010

WWDB? Grippo's Seasoning

Welcome to another edition of WWDB?

What is WWDB? you ask?

WWDB? = What would Desi buy?

and I'm Desi!!!

I am letting you know about good products that I test out that I love!

So what would Desi buy, you ask?

Today I just wanted to tell you about a delish seasoning I found at the grocery store on a whim. I wasn't looking for it! I was just in the snack aisle looking for junk food, and happened to notice a bottle of Grippo's seasoning. Um... YUM! I didn't even know they made this stuff! I love Grippo's, especially when they have so much seasoning on them. And those are hard to find. Sometimes the small bags are the ones with alot of seasoning, but then other times I am disappointed. It's too hard to guess! So.... what better idea than to sell that famous, irresistible goodness in a bottle for people like me to put on whatever we like?! Now if I have a bag of Grippo's, I can drown them in my own seasoning. I have also used it on chicken. And it can be used on any meat! Or veggies! Or potatoes! Pretty much on anything if you ask me.

*Note: I was a little surprised at how expensive it was when I got to the cash register. But, like with many good spices and seasonings, sometimes you gotta pay for greatness  :)

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