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October 13, 2010

Horseradish Ranch Sauce

Who likes horseradish? I do, I do! And the fiancee does too. So he came up with a super simple concoction for dipping. Are you ready for the steps? Brace yourself...

Combine horseradish sauce, ranch dressing, and sour cream in a bowl. 

Were you waiting for more instructions? Well, that's it! Just combine the three ingredients together and you are all done. No cooking involved. The measurements depend on how much of the bold horseradish flavor you want. If you like it spicy, add a lot of horseradish and just enough ranch and sour cream to balance it out. If you just want to add a small kick to something, add a little bit of horseradish sauce. I'm sure this would be equally good with actual prepared horseradish too, rather than horseradish sauce.

We needed something to dip our little crispy potatoes bites in. We thought, hmm horseradish could work, but so could ranch. And sour cream goes well on baked and mashed potatoes.... and thus PJ's invention was born. This may not even be his creation for all we know. Of course someone could have already come up with a recipe like this, but not that I have heard.

So for now, until we are proven wrong, we will let him boast of his creation. Though very simple.  :)


Alex said...
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Alex said...

Thanks for the guide. It’s probably the most simple and easiest horseradish sauce recipe I’ve seen. No cooking, just mixing. I like that. Especially when I’m on a rush and have a lot of things to do, and I really don’t have time to sit and wait as certain components of the sauce do their own thing.

Alex Staff

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