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October 14, 2010

Restaurant Review : Westside Grill in Western Hills (NOW CLOSED)

When I moved over to the westside of town, I knew I had to find some good restaurants that I could count on. Westside Grill has become one of those places. It is within walking distance of my house, so very convenient, especially in the winter when we are snowed in! I have tried quite a few items on their menu! They offer breakfast anytime of the day, as well as burgers, double deckers, pretzel sandwiches, and other platters. Their double deckers are delish! Like any double decker, I guess (can you go wrong with a double decker?!). I like to get the turkey and hard boiled egg, with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Sometimes I do bacon instead of turkey. But it is always yum-o! They come with a side of chips.
turkey and hard boiled egg double decker


They recently have been voted best burger on the westside (or at least the sign outside their building says that!), and I can see why! It packs alot of flavor! You can get just a plain hamburger (but why would you?!) or a cheeseburger (deluxe style is best!) or even a double cheeseburger. It is so yummy, the only downside is that the bun gets soggy sometimes by the time it gets back to our house. Maybe if they only put mayo on the top bun it would be better.

cheeseburger deluxe with a side of fries

We order a side of crinkly thick-cut fries when we order burgers and cheesesteak melts. They are good when fresh and hot. Sometimes I ask for them well done. I also enjoyed their sweet potato fries (an additional charge) but they were missing a dipping sauce. That would have made them even better. 

My main regular is the Philly Cheesesteak Melt, with mushrooms and onions. I'm sure the grade of "steak" isn't the best, but it is pretty good for a Philly cheesesteak. Of course this thing is super greasy, but that's how I eat. Please don't make me feel bad for it.

For me, the breakfast wasn't too great, which is a shame because I love breakfast food! I just wasn't very impressed. I have ordered their home fries with breakfast, which were decent but nothing special. Not much flavor to them. Even if you order them with onions and cheese like I have, I still had to add alot of seasoning. Plus I would probably want them cooked more, to be more crispy like hashbrowns. I think I also ordered their biscuits and gravy (or maybe it was french toast?! I can't remember, it has been awhile) but whichever it was, I didn't like it too much either. So basically I have given up on ordering breakfast from there. Which is a damn shame because I absolutely love breakfast when it is cooked right. 

Once in the past, I tried a pretzel sandwich because I was really excited about the options that come with it. I was particularly drawn to the Hot Roast Beef & Pepperjack Cheese pretzel sandwich, but I didn't like the pretzel bun unfortunately.

We used to order there seriously like every other day. When we would call in for a pickup order, they would ask "Is this PJ?" They knew him well. He was usually the one going to pick up the food, and I guess they recognized his voice when he did call in. Even if I called in the order, they knew it was for PJ because I would get my usual Philly Cheesesteak melt and he would get his usual cheeseburger deluxe. Some of the cooks/cashiers/waitresses weren't too friendly in the beginning though. They never really smiled. They sounded annoyed sometimes when we called. And at one point there was a young cashier who had a horrible attitude and was very unprofessional! But we have slowed down going there. Eventually we just get tired of places because we have exhausted their menu items and grown bored. But we do randomly still order from there, and recently there does seem to be new employees, who seem kind and happier to be serving us.

Westside Grill used to be our go-to restaurant. But as usual, I began to tire myself out on it. We do go back here and there, but nothing like we used to. But you should definitely try it! They have some good options, many of which are tasty, and they are reasonably priced. A westside gem  :)

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