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October 6, 2010

Restaurant Review : Aynie's Nosh Box in Covington {CLOSED}

They finally got me to go back, and I was glad they did. I first tried Aynie's Nosh Box (in the Rivercenter building in Covington, KY) awhile back and ordered a breakfast sausage sandwich. It was nasty! The sausage was microwaved of course and just not good. It turned me off so much that I refused to go back. Every time my coworkers were going there, I opted for something else because of my bad first experience. They kept telling me to give it a second chance since I had ordered breakfast. Maybe this time lunch would be better. And it was. And it has been ever since. I'll save my breakfast runs for McDonald's, Waffle House, and Denny's.

So yes I had a bad first experience there. Good thing I like to give second chances. I finally gave in to my coworkers urges and went to Aynie's with them. It is located inside the Rivercenter building, on the second floor and to your left. They offer different monthly specials, and they also do daily specials which change... well.... daily! I have been back there three times since my breakfast catastrophe. Here are my experiences:

The first time I went back (after the nasty breakfast experience) I ordered a Gourmet Grilled Cheese with a combination of cheeses, and bacon on it. I think it is about $6 or so for a sandwich plus a side of your choice. You have to pay extra to add on a drink. The Gourmet Grilled Cheese was just ok to me, not very gourmet in my opinion. The cheese wasn't melted like I like mine. It had hardened and was more of a thick caked-up glob-like texture. I liked that it was on a panini-style bread though. I ordered that with a side of their dill potato salad, which again was just ok because I am not much of a potato salad lover. I wasn't blown away by their other side dish options so I opted for that potato salad, hoping maybe I could like it more. But it was just all right, nothing special. So my first trip back after the breakfast disaster was not too impressive....

Don't fret. I didn't give up hope again. It wasn't so bad that I didn't want to give it another try. I rationalized that I shouldn't expect a perfect grilled cheese. So I went back again, and this time ordered one of the specials at the time - a turkey sandwich with lettuce, cream cheese, and jalapeno jelly on it. It usually comes on an everything bagel, which also looked good. But I followed my coworker's lead and ordered it on the pretzel bun. He seriously eats there everyday, so I figured if anyone knew what was good... he would. I was excited for this sandwich - the lettuce was fresh looking and very green, and I was excited to try that jalapeno jelly and the pretzel bun. For a side, I ordered their potato soup. I was a little disappointed by the sandwich. The jalapeno jelly that I anxiously wanted to try was just as sweet as regular jelly. Granted, when I tasted a bit by itself, I could taste the jalapeno kick. But on the sandwich, it lacked heat. So I felt like I was eating a jelly turkey sandwich. And the pretzel bread seems like it could be good, but it just was sooo cold! I saw them microwave it, so I guess I was expecting it to be warm, which I would have liked better. But I think it was just frozen to begin with so they microwaved it to thaw it. It would probably be very good with a warm pretzel bun, or the everything bagel it is supposed to come on, and a spicier jalapeno jelly. The potato soup was superb. Absolutely delicious! But then again, like my name implies, I don't think I would dislike anything with potatoes in it. Two thumbs up for the soup, but maybe just a sideways thumb for the sandwich....

Alas, I went back again. By far the best item I have tried from there so far... their Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Um it was so divine! They cook the chicken in hot sauce so it has that buffalo-soaked taste. The lettuce again was fresh and bright. I got onion on mine, and some of their blue cheese cole slaw. It added a nice cooling sensation to offset the spicy buffalo flavor. I also got more blue cheese slaw as my side. My coworkers all agreed that this was one of the best things there! Too bad they don't have this on their menu everyday  :( 

Another thing that I am excited to try is their chicken caesar salad. If you read my Dewey's Pizza post, you know I am a sucker for a good caesar salad! I can't wait to try that next.

Aside from offering breakfast and lunch items, they also are a catering company. Check out their website for all of their catering info. If you have been to the Rivercenter building, you will know that there is seating outdoors (well, right now they are doing construction... but usually...). But usually we just get it to-go and bring it back to work to eat in our gorgeous lunchroom.

Since it is the month of October, they are offering a special of some kind... like a turkey sandwich with pumpkin butter on it. My coworker ordered it today and enjoyed it. Hmm, interesting....

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