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October 6, 2010

Restaurant Review : Dewey's Pizza in Newport

One of my favorite pizza places in Cincinnati is Dewey's Pizza. I much prefer it to Larosa's and Donatos, but maybe that's just me. I sure do wish 1. there was one super close to me.... and 2. they delivered.  That would make my day, or better yet my life!

We usually go to the Dewey's in Clifton - it is our go-to place for birthdays and gatherings (on PJ's side of the family). His little brother, Fritz (don't you love his name?!) loves Dewey's. But this time I am reviewing the one in Newport on the Levee.

Let me start out by saying they are very smart for setting up a Dewey's in this location. It gets a high amount of traffic since it is on the Levee. Everytime we go here, it is packed. It is located inside of the building, so once you park in the lot make your way indoors. We dined in on this particular occasion, but do you know what else is great about this location? You can order a pizza and take it into the movie theatre with you! Yes, you read that correctly. I love that idea! Bye bye, expensive yucky movie theatre food (besides the popcorn smothered in butter, of course!)... hello Dewey's Pizza! I mean, pizza and movies just go together. The night did originally start out as a full on date night with movie and dinner. We had been to the Clifton Dewey's just days earlier celebrating the visit of PJ's cousin, Melissa, who came in from New York with her boyfriend. We loved it so much that we wanted to go back just the two of us days later. So we arranged to eat at Dewey's first and then see a movie (I forget which one now). However, the wait was too long at Dewey's for us to also have time to see the movie, so we returned our movie tickets and decided to just eat at Dewey's instead. Yes, Dewey's won out over the movie. Dewey's was indeed the reason for date night in the first place, so we choose food over movie. Like I said, we had to wait for a table to open up. We eventually were seated at a booth towards the back, which gave us a little privacy :)

I usually never order their salads, but I have seen others order their caesar salad before, and it just looked too good to pass up. It sure did seem like a big salad! And I liked the croutons... they were crispy, flat, buttery and seasoned well. I love me a good caesar salad.

They were having a special at the time and I had to try it - the Chicken Bacon Tomato Ranch pizza. PJ and I ordered one and shared it. It was really good. Until then, we had always ordered the Southwest BBQ Chicken pizza - that had been our favorite. We never ventured out to try any other kind, until now. That Southwest BBQ Chicken one is delish, with it's black bean corn salsa and BBQ sauce, but it was nice to try something different. We enjoyed this new kind very much, but I would probably still say that my favorite is the Southwest BBQ Chicken. Plus, they don't serve the Chicken Bacon Tomato Ranch kind regularly... it was like a special at that time.  Look at all that goodness - chicken, bacon, ranch, tomatoes, jalapenos. All of that = yum!

There is PJ enjoying his pizza, even though he doesn't look like it. He hates smiling for the camera. Just like a little boy not wanting his picture taken. His face does not depict the greatness of the food, and the fun we had. He had fun, I swear!

Oh yeah, I do remember that he kept saying it was way too hot in there though. I didn't notice because I don't get hot as easily as he does. But I guess he would say the restaurant lacked a certain comfort level because he was sweating profusely. Only downside I guess.

Dewey's is a definite keeper in my book. We don't get to eat here too often, but when we do it is always a delight.

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