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October 20, 2010

Restaurant Review : Arby's in Ft. Wright

I have a love/hate relationship with fast food. Sometimes I feel like I am in an abusive relationship with it. It beats me up, hurts my body, makes me feel horrible about myself. Sometimes I want to pack my bags and never visit another fast food joint ever again, other times I keep going back and giving it another chance. Seriously, it is like an unhealthy relationship... and I am the abused.

I really don't want to give in to the easiness of going back. I know it will mean disgust and regret, but I still do it anyways. I let these awful places lure me back in with their convenience and cheap prices. And then, once it is all over, like a battered wife who knows she can't go on like this, I am upset at myself for giving in to the temptation to return to such a hell. Maybe one day I will be strong and finally say "NO! I will not let you back in my life!"  Alot easier said than done. Obviously, because I ended up at Arby's the other day for lunch. Unfortunately.

I ordered my usual - Arby's cheddar melt, a small fry and a side of cheese. With a Dr. Pepper of course. Is it just me or have the Arby's melts gone up in price but gotten smaller in size? They just seem so much smaller than they used to, with alot less roast beef on it. The roast beef at Arby's, for me, is always a hit or miss kind of thing. Probably 80 times out of 100, it is a miss in my opinion. So why do I keep going back? I don't know. I just don't know.

To top it off, many times the fries are soggy and not cooked enough. I like my curly fries crispy. I think these were pretty crispy, but not hot. So I either get soggy, or I get cold. It's a lose-lose. You think I would learn my lesson. But I still haven't.

When Arby's is good, it's really good. But when it is bad, I am so turned off by the thought of eating there again. I have had some great Arby's food in the nicer areas of town. Where the workers care more about their job and the food they are serving their customers. Seems like all fast food places down by where I live could care less about what should be served. They don't care if food is cold, fries are soggy, anything. So.... I'm gonna finally put my foot down and stop going back to this one-sided relationship! They aren't fulfilling their part of the bargain, so neither will I. Time to stop wasting my time (and money) and move on to the better foods in life!

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Irene Jennings said...

Broccoli & cheese baked potato are great! yum!

jennifer of Argonaut Plumbing