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March 21, 2011

WWDB? Sweeties Jumbo Chocolates

Located off US Highway 250 E in Ashland, Ohio... on your way to the Cleveland or Akron area... you will find Grandpa's Cheesebarn. Guess what they sell there! Stop and get you some fancy cheese, then stop on in their other neighboring store, Sweeties Jumbo Chocolates. I had heard so many great stories about the Cheesebarn at work. And once, a coworker brought back some delicious chocolate treats from this amazing place. And thus begun my love affair with sea salt covered caramels....

Once I tried those sea salt covered caramels, I instantly went to their website to see about ordering online, since I knew I wouldn't hardly ever be in the Cleveland area. What do you know, they do sell their chocolates online! Woot Woot! So I purchased some Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt, and some Milk Chocolate Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. I later found that you can order the sea salt caramels in a milk chocolate, rather than dark chocolate. They are jumbo, and pricey. But well worth it in my humble opinion. But you can be the judge of that. My sea salt caramels came in a package with two jumbo sized dark chocolate-covered caramels, for a little more than $5 a package. I wasn't too fond of the chocolate covered kettle chips, but I think that was just a personal preference because I don't really like kettle chips. I would like them more if they were more like chocolate-covered Ruffles, or Grippos, or Mike-sells. But that's just me. So one time I ordered them online...

The next time I actually had the pleasure of going there!

We were on our way to Akron for my niece's Super Sweet 16 birthday. Yeah, we do it big lol. Like the rich bratty girls on MTV, except.... NOT!  I had completely forgotten about Grandpa's Cheesebarn being on the way to Cleveland, until I saw sign after sign telling me that it was off the next exit or so. I begged for us to stop! They were totally cool with that. Nothin like a little sight seeing, going off the beaten path to find touristy treasures! We stopped in and bought some fudge, chocolate-covered fritos, and some milk chocolate-covered caramels with sea salt. I don't even like fritos, and these were amazing! The blend of sweet and salty is spot on! I kind of went crazy in there. Oh, and we did see some Amish people working outside : )

So if you are going towards or live in or near the Cleveland area, go to Grandpa's Cheesebarn and Sweeties Jumbo Chocolates. If you are from the area, it is probably no stranger to you. In fact, it is probably legend... wait for it.... ary around them parts (anyone watch How I Met Your Mother?). If I lived up there, I would probably make a stop there once or twice a week! If you are traveling in that area, make it a point to stop by and enjoy this specialty shop. And if you don't live nearby and will never be in that area, then thank the almighty internet for making that not even matter! They'll ship it right to ya!

Don't have internet? That's cool, call them at 1-800-745-7091 to order. Without internet, I don't really know how you are reading this... but still. Just coverin my bases. 

And well, if you have no phone, no internet, and no plans to travel to Ashland, then you are s.o.l. and I feel bad for you!

Peace, and bacon grease!


Katie said...

Thanks for sharing...this place sounds awesome! If I am ever up there I will for sure check it out.

Faith said...

omg, that sounds incredible! i know i would love sea salt chocolate covered caramels! so yum! i don't know how i feel about chocolate covered chips but i am willing to try anything covered in chocolate!

Desi said...

Yes Katie definitely do! You are in Ohio so maybe you have a chance of going there one day!

Faith, I agree! I would definitely try anything covered in chocolate : )

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a fun place!! Now I'm craving some chocolate! :)