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March 28, 2011

Restaurant Review : Amerasia in Covington

Larry, if you're reading, this one's for you  : )

I'm a lover of good Chinese food. But let's face it, in the Cincinnati area it is often hard to come across quality Chinese food. Well, luckily I have found quality in Amerasia. Located on Madison Avenue in Covington, it is super close to my work and within walking distance. Major plus! They can be a tad slow at times. In the past, we have called in pick up orders that have taken at least a half hour. We have also dined inside and had to take a lengthy lunch break because we were in there for about an hour and a half or so. So don't go in expecting a quick lunch. You may get lucky, but just a heads up that you may have to wait a bit! (I did read some reviews that they have quick service.... I guess it just depends. But usually when I have gone it hasn't been quick!

They have lunch specials for about $5.50. I usually order their Sesame Chicken. It isn't spicy at all, more sweet. It came with some broccoli, and I ordered fried rice with it. For the lunch special, you can get a drink or egg roll, and either fried or white rice. I am not a big fan of their pork egg rolls, so I usually get a drink, and fried rice with my meal. I believe their veggie egg rolls cost an additional dollar or so, but there have been some times when they haven't had the pork roll so the veggie roll wasn't extra. This particular time I did order the pork egg roll, seen in the picture below.

Sesame Chicken, fried rice, and an egg roll - lunch special!

I've also had their crab rangoons. These were seriously the best I have ever had! I've only ordered them once from here, so I'm not sure if it was just that one time or if they are always that amazing. Sometimes places have a tiny dab of a strange crab concoction on the inside. Not these!  I always want to order them but know I won't eat all of them, they come in  a batch of six for $4.00! Next time I should order some and share with my coworkers!

I have also tried their General's Chicken. It was similar to the sesame chicken but without sesame seeds of course, and a bit spicier. I ordered it at whatever spice level it usually comes with, but it wasn't too hot for me. I maybe could have even up-ed the spice level a tad. I'm fearless I tell ya.

I can't wait to try their chicken fried rice as a dish. Larry enjoyed his, and made me wanna try that next time! Another coworker, Chris, loves their Kung Pow Chicken & Peanuts. I am not big on Asian dishes with peanuts in them though, so I would likely not try this. But others have raved about it. I've only ever been for lunch, so I am not too familiar with their dinner entrees.

You can request many of their dishes at whatever spice level you want. A coworker of mine has ordered the 911, which is at a spiciness level of 10 or 11 (I forget exactly, but basically their hottest level!). Pretty much out of this world hot! But he did it! I tend to stick to the standard spice level that the dish comes with usually. I'm really a wuss. 

The atmosphere is pretty laid back, and the service is always great! Everyone is very sweet and make you feel right at home. Several of my coworkers go there religiously, so they are known as regulars and treated as such, recognized and greeted as if long lost friends. A friendly, cozy environment where they remember and cherish their customers! I could do without some of their wall art though. And it is a pretty small dining area, with a few booths, a bar area, and a large table for big parties. And I could do without the little fishy inside the fish bowl underneath the glass table we eat at. Poor guy looks so lonely in there. With hardly any water, and no fishy friends! Oh, and I always notice the dirty door when I enter. I just wish they would clean that dang door!

Oh, and they serve beer now! The waitress made sure she told us! Too bad we can't drink on the job  :(

We were all craving Amerasia the other day, but when we walked there we saw that they were closed. And a week or so before that, we heard a coworker saying that it was closed when they went too. I hope they aren't closing! I can't wait to get back over there for some crab rangoons and chicken fried rice! This is one of my favorite Chinese spots right now! Go there and it will be one of yours too  : )

Peace, and bacon grease!

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