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March 2, 2011

I lied.

See this?

Yeah..... didn't happen.

That's all!

Peace, and bacon grease!


Unknown said...

I want you to know I got a good giggle out of this. Funny how life happens and time flies :)

Desi said...

aww thanks Erin! And yes life just flies by as I get older :(

Sandra Wilkes said...

No worries. We get it! Following from Fri Blog Hop.

C'Ree said...

Found you on the Social Parade! Hope you can follow back @

Erin Wallace said...

Your recipes look Ah-Mazing! I'll definitely be trying them out!

I am your newest follower from The Social Parade. I'd appreciate it if you could follow back at Dropped Stitches. Thanks bunches!