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March 21, 2011

WWDB? Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

I'm super excited that my bestie is slowly but surely turning into a foodie! She used to never understand my love of cooking and food blogging and finding recipes. Now she has, thanks to Weight Watchers. She is trying to cook at home more and is really getting into it! So now I get to overload her with food blog recommendations and recipes to try and other miscellaneous foodie knowledge. I'm so excited... I've converted an anti-foodie!

And another foodie announcement.... I am now a red wine groupie. I used to hate it. Hate it. The warm temperature didn't appeal to me. If I was ever to drink a wine, it would be a white wine because it is chilled. But I wasn't too fond of white wine either. But Marcey and I were eating at Jag's for restaurant week, and were thinking about ordering cocktails, but felt like we needed to be fancier. Then we got into this long talk about how we both dislike wine, especially red wine, but wished we liked it because it is good for you and, besides, it looks classy and cool to sip from a wine glass and hold it ever so gently like a rich sophisticated lady. So she asked the waitress if we could try a couple samples of wine, and she let us try the House wine, which she later told us was Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. I loved the taste, and I loved the way it made me feel. Not like overly drunk, or the kind of tipsy you feel from beer. But just more of a relaxed tipsy that made me feel good. Oddly enough she loved it too! I left Jag's and immediately stopped at Kroger on my way home to see if they had a bottle. Marcey went her separate way and stopped at a Target looking for it. Neither store had it... BOOOOOOO!!!! I was on a mission to find it. I was just going to google it when I got home... good ole google solves all problems. Don't know an answer, just google it. It has become a regular saying in my house... "Just Google it." Anyways, by the time I got home she was texting me saying that she had called Jungle Jims and they carried it. Too bad it was late, and I had just left that area, and was nowhere near JJ. So I looked on the Party Source website, which is in Newport near my work. What do you know... they had it : ) So I stopped there the other day on my lunch break and bought me a bottle of that Cab.

It didn't make me feel too good to see it sold for a mere $6.99 for a huge bottle, and I spent $6.50 on a single glass at Jag's. Oh well. It was worth it to find the perfect wine for me.

So here's to another edition of WWDB? I would and did buy a bottle. Go buy some of this Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, if you like red wine. Definitely available at Jungle Jims, and Party Source.

I'm officially a wine-o.

Peace, and bacon grease!


Unknown said...

Red wines are my favorites. And I have enjoyed many-a-glasses of Liberty Creek :)
Glad your friend is becoming a foodie..not only for her health, but for the new bond you'll share over food!

Desi said...

Jenn.... do you have any other red wine recommendations? For a red wine newbie lol?

Stephanie said...

I need to keep my eye out for Liberty Creek. I have so much trouble with red wines because I find them to be too "woodsy" but I feel so uncultured not drinking red wine, ha ha!

Desi said...

Steph... ha I felt the same way! That's why I forced myself to try red wine again, and was so glad I actually liked it! Hope you find a red wine you like!