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March 18, 2011

WWDB? Murray's Chipotle Jack Cheese

It's time for another edition of WWDB?

Aren't you excited?

I have been on a cheese kick for awhile now. I love going to Jungle Jim's and places that offer a wide variety of unique cheeses. Cheese makes everything better, ya know? So time to move on from the pre-sliced processed American cheese you find in your local grocers. I did find this in Kroger, but this particular Kroger had an elaborate cheese station with all kinds of cheeses that I haven't seen in any other Kroger. It is the Newport, KY Kroger if you live round these here parts. This Kroger is deluxe! And they put little cheese samples out so that you can try it first. Yes, they have some very stinky and unique cheese selections, but I opted to start with something I knew I would love but never tried yet. I love pepper jack cheese. That spiciness, mmmmmmmm! So when I saw this Murray's Chipotle Jack cheese, I had to buy it. A little pricy, yes, but the finer cheeses are. We enjoyed this very much, just like I knew we would! You can serve it with crackers, fruit, and pepperoni.... or shred/grate it and use it as a topping.... or slice and use for a fancier grown-up grilled cheese, like we did.

I can't wait to test out some more fancy cheeses. And stay tuned for more delicious cheese suggestions : )
Peace, and bacon grease!

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