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March 7, 2011

Menu Planning - Week of 3/7/11

Today's my man's 29th birthday! I've been with him since he was 18... almost 11 years, can you believe it? I can  : )

So no cooking tonight! We are going out to eat to celebrate this amazing man's birthday! We are going to a new (and expensive, I might add) restaurant we haven't been to yet called Tony's. I'm excited! 

But the show must go on after today. Still gotta cook the rest of the week.

And like always, gotta use those rollover minutes. I mean meals. 

We will be recycling this chicken pesto mushroom recipe from last week. We didn't get around to making that one. As well as some kind of chili recipe. Yep, didn't use up that ground chuck either.

Monday 3/7/11:  PJ's 29th Birthday! Out to eat at Tony's Restaurant

Tuesday 3/8/11:  PJ works late, pick something up

Wednesday 3/9/11:  Chili w/ Green Chili Cornbread

Friday 3/11/11:  Marinated Pork Tenderloin

I am doing my usual link-up to Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

What's on the menu this week, peeps?

Peace, and bacon grease!


Miz Helen said...

Hi Desi,
Your menu for the week looks great. Hope you enjoy your honey's birthday. Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

Sheila said...

I wish I was an organizing junkie. I procrastinate when it comes to organizing.
Hope you had a great dinner out last night! Thanks for visiting my blog ; )

Unknown said...

Happy birthday PJ! Hope you both enjoy your night out!

Mary Prather said...

I like your meal plan! Can you link up one of your recipes at my blog today? ;-). I know my readers could use a good one!

Desi said...

Thanks, ladies! He did have a great birthday :)

@ Sheila, ha I wish I was an organizing junkie too! Menu planning is the only kind of order I have in my life lol!

@ MusicalMary... I would be happy to link up! I will stop by your blog now!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday PJ! I hope you guys have a blast celebrating :)

Unknown said...

Desi, Thanks so much for leaving a comment this week. I have been all over your blog and I love it. I have also earmarked some of your beautiful recipes to make comming up. I am very very jelous that you live by the best place in the midwest, Jungle Jims and of course BonBonerie. Happy birthday to PJ!
Please check it out, I featured you on this weeks Friendly Friday post. Enjoy!

Desi said...

Thanks, Steph! We did have a nice time... he feels like he's getting old though lol :) So I tried to make it extra special :)

@ Calamity Kate... You are so sweet! Thanks for checking out my various recipes... I really should have more! I've made tons of recipes and took tons of pics but just need to blog about them! And yes I live near the wonderful Jungle Jims... thank goodness I finally went! 25 years here in Cincy and I'm just now going... that's sad! Off to check out your Friendly Friday post... thanks much!

briarrose said...

Looks like a tasty week. :) I hope your loved one has a beautiful birthday.

Desi said...

Aww thanks Briarrose... he did have a great birthday!

Rhondi said...

Hey Desi! I'm also catching up on my google reader blogs. Did you and hubby enjoy his bday dinner? I looked at their menu and now I want a date night out at a fancy restaurant :). Did you see the Bachelor finale? What did you think?

Desi said...

Rhondi... Aren't date nights the best?! We don't get to do them often but they are fun when we do : ) And yes I saw the finale! I was so happy he picked Emily... didn't think he would though! But then on the aftershow Emily kind of seemed different :( Not as sweet as I thought! And not as into him as he is into her maybe? I dunno but at least he picked who we loved! What did you think?

Rhondi said...

Desi, I was glad he picked Emily but she was soooo different afterwards. She probably won't ever marry him, and I think his true colors came out afterwards too. Emily can do much better. So can Chantal. Chantal is so fun loving and Brad's so boring! Did you see the hot guy she's dating now?

Desi said...

Yes I can see Brad having a temper! And yes he is pretty boring! I kind of didn't want her to win so that she wouldn't be with lame Brad, and maybe she would have been the next Bachelorette. Who knows?! But we will see how it turns out. The finale was cute & sweet though, I cried a little :) And I hadn't seen Chantal's new man until I just googled him.... looks like she's doin ok! :) I dunno how I feel about Ashley being the next Bachelorette, but I'll be watching for sure!