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September 30, 2010

Day Eight

Almost done!

That's sad, I am ready for this to be over. But at least I have still been able to blog about restaurants and recipes - my true loves! I do need to get back to some photo challenges. I have kinda taken a break with those as well. Oops!

Today is day eight and that means I will be talking about three turn ons. Yay for short days. Yesterday I only had to write about four things, and now today only three. 

Day eight : Three turn ons 
  1. Hard worker - My man is such a hard worker. Yes, that definitely means at work, where he is needed for all kinds of jobs because he does them all so well and in a timely manner. But that also means at home and in all aspects of life. Whatever he puts his mind to, he does it wholeheartedly. Now I have admitted that I am not much of a cleaner. PJ, though he doesn't like to clean, is much better than I am. He doesn't get side tracked easily like me. He doesn't take breaks in between. He just gets the job done when it comes to cleaning. And at work, he is just a beast. He is usually sweating because he is working so hard. I love that he takes pride in his work. That is his passion - to be the best worker he can be .... always, in any circumstance. Who wants a bum for a husband? I never have to worry about him being unmotivated, or not taking care of our (future) family. He will always do what he has to to provide for his family. And employees like PJ are the type that move up in the world. Bosses love him and recognize his abililties, and I am sure that when the time comes for promotions and opportunities, his name will be at the top of the list. Hey, he has already moved up in so many ways already over the years.
  2. Confidence - I kind of touched base with this in my 'turn-offs' post. An insecure man is not attractive. One who is constantly worrying about being cheated on or you leaving him. One who just takes crap from his woman, not knowing his worth or how he deserves to be treated. A man can be not very physically attractive, but if he has that confidence and swag, then it makes him sexy. Not to be confused with cockiness though. 
  3. Loyalty - I guess I have just been blessed with a good man. He always makes time for me. He doesn't go out and stay out late with his friends at if-y places. He likes to spend his downtime with me, just hanging out at home. He doesn't check out other pretty girls (in front of me at least!). He tells me all the time that I am exactly what he wants in this world, so he would never have a reason to cheat on me. He is loyal to me. He is loyal to his friends. He is loyal to his job. That is a great quality to find in a man.
These are just a few of the reasons why I hold on to him.   :)

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