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September 23, 2010

Day Two

Day two has arrived. And so I must share nine things about myself that most people don't know.

1. I am obsessed with reality TV. It's ridiculous how much I watch. When my cable messed up last night and they told me I wouldn't be able to watch anything for 2 days, I cried. I literally cried.

2. Speaking of crying, I am a very emotional person. I cry over anything! The smallest things (even TV, see #1) Oh and when I get so mad, I cry. So basically I cry when sad, mad, or happy! I sure am sounding like a crybaby. I really don't cry THAT much.

3. I love to collect cookbooks. I don't even know if I have really used a recipe from any of them. I think I just like to collect them and see them on my bookshelf. I usually go to the internet and fellow food bloggers for recipes to actually make. So why do I collect all of these cookbooks? Because I love to, that's why. There is no useful reason. I don't know what's wrong in my head!

4. I am kind of like a guy when it comes to sports. I can watch football all day and night. I have about 5 or 6 Bengals jerseys, and a whole display case for my memorabila. I love love love watching UFC and collecting figurines. I also love to watch some college basketball and NBA playoffs.

5. While we are on collecting, I also love to collect DVDs. I have soooo many, and some still haven't been opened! Sad, I know. I also just started collecting elephant figurines. I love love love elephants. I also collect loads and loads of books, and haven't read most of them. Wow, I sure am wasting my money on collecting things, most of which I don't even use!
Me in front of my DVD and book collection - since then I have separated my book storage from my DVD storage because they both are ever-growing

6. I am so messy. I don't want to be! It's just a part of me. I am always wanting to be cleaner in my head, but it just doesn't come to fruition. I guess I would rather be spending my time watching reality tv (again, see #1) or cooking.

7. I want like 5 kids! But I am so scared to actually start having kids! I didn't have any younger siblings, didn't babysit really, so I have NO experience with kids. I mean none. I wouldn't know what to do if my baby were crying, sick, etc. I don't know how to hold a baby. I don't know how to change a diaper. So basically I am like a man when it comes to babies also! I am worried that I will fail at it. And I just want to be the best possible mother I can be. So I keep putting it off because I am still searching and waiting for the "right" answers so that I feel like I am prepared to raise a child for the rest of my (and his/her) life. I still feel like a child myself! But seriously if I want to have like 5 kids (ok, maybe that will change after the first one), then we better get started soon!

8. I would love to go on The Amazing Race and travel the world that way! At one point, I was so serious about it that I was prepared to take Spanish lessons (and possibly other language lessons) so that I would be prepared when I was in a foreign country. Plus I really felt in my head that PJ and I had a good chance of being selected for the show - the fact that we are an interracial couple. I had never seen a white guy and black girl couple on the show before, so I thought that we would stand out in the casting. They like to do different kinds of pairs.... gay couples, elderly couples, brothers/sisters, father/daughter, friends, etc. But now the interracial couple role has been filled (thanks alot Ericka & Brian!  Just kidding! - see pic below) in season 15. Damn damn damn! There goes my dream.


9. I don't like sushi. I just don't get it.

Hope you liked getting to know me a little better!


melissa said...

I am with you on 3, 4 & 8! I actually went to college with Erica - she is an incredibly sweet girl. It was fun to watch them on the show!

Desi said...

Ha that is great! Sometimes she did seem bitchy though, not gonna lie! Thanks for commenting :) I will check out your Day Three post in a little bit

Unknown said...

LOVIN' number 7
I love you!
~future ma-in-law