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September 2, 2010

August Photo Hunt Challenge

Wow, some days I feel like my blog has taken a turn - I feel like I have been posting about photography alot lately more than food. I am just happy to have found a cyber world filled with people who love two of my favorite things: food and photography! I promise more food posts to come, but I am also loving participating in these photo challenges. One in particular was the August Photo Hunt Challenge. The challenge gives you a month to photograph a list of 20 items. I didn't find out about it until the last week or so of August! So I am certain my photos won't be as creative or clever as others'. I promise that my next months' photos will be more thought-out since I will have more time. So cut me some slack this month! And on many you will see more than one pic, and that's because I couldn't choose!

1. A flag that represents you (your town, state, country, team, etc.)

2. Something comfortable
A homeless man finding whatever comfort he can on the concrete stairs and wall

3. Something in season

4. Feet
Our feet in the sand on the beach

5. Repetition
Repetitive bricks on the ground, graced by a rainbow
Colorful bricks on a wall
Repetitive tombstones in a cemetery

6. Culture or ethnicity
Not very creative, but Ethnic food menus at our hotel. 
I wish I had taken pics of an Indian wedding that was taking place, it was beautiful!

7. Contrast
The contrast of the colors of our skin

8. An indulgence
Gigantic piece of chocolate cake!
My favorite beer - Bud Light Lime. I thought the glow looked cool

9. A macro or closeup
Rocks from my candle display on my coffee table

10. Something masculine
A gift for my fiancee - I thought this depicted "masculinity" in a humorous way!

11. Something feminine
Victoria's Secret and zebra print - need I say more?!

12. Light
This feels like the light from heaven, the light of God

13. Eco-friendly

14. Business
We saw this truck while driving back from Chicago 
and it has my fiancee's name, and is a business (on wheels)

Hilton Garden Inn

15. An arrow
I probably shouldn't be going here...
My hometown

Choose Heaven, Not Hell

One way ticket to heaven or hell, which one will you choose?

16. Something wet

17. Something dry
Dried berries on the sidewalk

18. Butterflies *

19. Heart-Shaped Clouds*
Aunt Granny's up there

20. Strength 
Strength in human form - my Aunt Granny. 
Looking down on me from her heart shaped cloud in the sky  :)


Sarah said...

Great photos! I love your first shot for repetition! The colors on those bricks are just gorgeous! Your shot for light is beautiful and your cake photo for indulgence just caused me to have a chocolate craving!

Krista said...

How cool! You've got some great shots here. Butterflies are SO hard to photograph. Definitely takes patience. Good work!

Mommy2Four said...

I love your light shot! It's gorgeous!

Ashley Sisk said...

They are all wonderful but your light shot really took my breath away. Nice work.

shannon said...

i really like the different angle you used when taking your arrow picture! great pics!

Desiree said...

Your heart shaped cloud with the sunlight coming through was absolutely amazing!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Nice job with the hunt! My favorites were repetition and light. Thanks for participating, hope you join us again in October!

Desi said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! All of your pictures were also great! This is such a fun challenge, can't wait to participate in October! I was feeling like my shots wouldn't be nearly as good as everyone elses' since I have no experience, and also just a basic Nikon coolpix camera... but you guys make me feel better about my shots. So thanks!

Desiree said...

That is awesome that we share the same name! I rarely find anyone with my (er, our) name. I think I've known only 3 in my lifetime.