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September 9, 2010

Restaurant Review : Old Town Cafe in Covington

I like to venture out and try new places for lunch. Why eat the same thing everyday if you don't have to?! There are many options where I work, you just have to travel a little bit to get to them. One place that I tried recently was a little restaurant on West Pike in Covington called Old Town Cafe. They don't have a parking lot or anything so you have to park at a meter. Well I did at least. And since I had no change, I had to keep peeking my head out of the window to make sure I wasn't getting a ticket! Not the fault of the restaurant obviously, my own silly fault for not having change. But just be prepared for the meter parking.

I got comfy in my booth and ordered a water and checked out the menu. They mainly offer burgers and an assortment of sandwiches. I was torn between the Deep Fried Cod Tail, the Frying Pig, and Franco's Steak Sandwich. I opted for the steak sandwich which is a ribeye with grilled onions and cheese. I believe this is a family-run business (I love the idea of small family-run diners!), and that Frank is the man in charge. The man behind the food. This is just an assumption, but I do think his daughters and wife were serving and he was cooking the food. So I wanted to try this sandwich named after him. Only, the waitress never came back to take my order. I always am a little pressed for time when I am eating out for lunch anyways, since obviously I can't stay out too long. And they weren't too busy so I figured it would be no problem to get in and get out. But there was a delay since I was just waiting there for her to take my order. I eventually had to go up and ask her to take my order. She came over, apologized, and said she assumed one of the other girls took my order. Don't really know why she would assume that, seeing as she was my original waitress. And if she still just saw me sitting there for awhile, why would you just assume someone else took the order? But that's just me. She was a nice girl, but just seemed to not be paying attention. Anyways, so I finally got to order Franco's steak sandwich but I wasn't too impressed. The meat was a little too chewy for me. Now granted, I probably have a biased opinion based on the fact that I normally eat filet. But I do enjoy ribeyes as well. So I think maybe it just wasn't as good of grade as I was hoping for. I know you are probably thinking, "It's a steak sandwich.... from a small diner.... did you expect the highest quality steak possible?!" Well, I guess yes I did. Maybe my expectations shouldn't have been so high.

They are open for lunch from 11 AM until 3 PM. They even deliver if you are in the area (I should have used that option!!). I wasn't too impressed by my meal, but I would like to go back and try it again. Like I said, there were a few other options I wanted to try. I think I just shouldn't have ordered the steak sandwich. So maybe I'll give that Cod sandwich or Frying Pig a chance. And if the second try is a failure then I would know that this place just isn't for me. But everyone (well, maybe not everyone) deserves a second chance. Maybe next time I'll make them come to me (deliver) so I won't have to deal with parking or forgetful waitresses and paying for a tip.

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