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September 29, 2010

Restaurant Review : Lee's in Covington

Since I don't know how to make "real" fried chicken at home, I opt for the usual fast food joints like KFC, Popeyes, and Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken. Since the former two aren't near my work, I find myself at Lee's Chicken on Wednesdays, when they offer a 3 piece meal with 2 sides (drink not included) for $4.44. I actually just had it today for lunch, but unfortunately the chicken tasted strange and was cold, along with the potato skins. Based off of today's lunch, I won't be going back there for a long time. My coworker also had a poor lunch today, so we both won't be going back for awhile.

But this post is based off of a lunch I ate there about a month ago. I am super late posting about this visit! But on this particular visit, my food was good at least  :)

They have a dine-in section if you are feeling up to eating out. Or you can order your food to-go, or use the drive thru. I sometimes eat inside, but (until recently) they allow smoking inside so it is often a turn off. I quit smoking back in March, but besides that I have never been a fan of smoking while eating, or being near smoke while eating. So I have stopped eating inside and usually just bring it back to our lunchroom at work.

That particular day wasn't a Wednesday, so I couldn't get my 3 wings and 2 sides. But that's ok because that is too much food anyway! I opted for only 2 regular wings, a side of potato wedges, and a biscuit. Their wings are a hit or miss. Sometimes the meat is too hard and way overcooked. Other times it is not, or I just eat the parts that aren't so hard. The potato wedges also are a hit or miss. They are like a mashed potato wedge - crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sometimes, unfortunately, they aren't cooked enough AND they are cut very thick, so they don't taste good. The biscuit is good with butter and honey on it. Kinda like a mini dessert.

I have also tried their chicken strips which are pretty good. My coworker always orders that. I always find myself drawn back to the regular wings. I have never tried their gizzards or liver or anything like that. I am not a fan of their mac n cheese at all. It isn't cheesy enough, and is just pretty gross. Their mashed potatoes are all right, but nothing special. Maybe it's the gravy I don't like. I have tried their fried pickles. I didn't order them but someone else did and let me try one. They were good, but I am not sure if I would want a whole order of them. (I think this was at Lee's, their website does not mention fried pickles... maybe it was a limited time item).

Basically, Lee's is pretty good, in fast food standards. It isn't anything special. It can be a hit or miss kind of thing. But hey, it's close, it's (pretty) cheap, and it's easy. And it's fried  :)

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