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September 27, 2010

Day Five (on Day Six)

I'm back! Technically, it is not Day Five. That was yesterday. But hey, I was busy this weekend. So here is Day Five's post... a little late.

Day Five: Six things you wish you could change 
or you wish you’d never done.

1.  I wish I could change the Bengals owner (and subsequently, some players) - As long as Mike Brown is the Bengals owner, I'm afraid our team will continue to struggle. He seems to care more about the money than winning. If we had a different owner, one who cared about actually winning football, then maybe we would also have better players, and not constantly picking up delinquents, nobodies, and over-rated players. Ultimately, I would also change our quarterback. I'm so over him.

2.  I wish I had never took a break from college. If I had just gone straight to grad school after undergrad, I would be finished by now and better off. 

3.  I wish I had never stopped my extracurricular activities once I reached high school. In grade school, I participated in every sport possible. Once I got to high school, I knew it required more time and I didn't want to constrict my high school years to long practices and games. Now I wish that I had stayed in sports and been more in shape during high school and once I got out. Also, I wish I hadn't stopped playing piano. I did just get my piano delivered to my house, so I can start teaching myself again. But if I hadn't stopped with my piano teacher, I could be amazing by now. And lastly, I wish I hadn't stopped taking dance classes. I was on a dance team and that was such a great time in my life. And now I find myself watching SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars, wishing that was me and knowing that it could have been if I had stuck to my dreams. Hindsight.

4.  I wish I had never been such a horrible teenager for my mother. I wish I had spent more time with her in my teen years, instead of focusing all of my attention on boys and friends. I wish I hadn't thought the world revolved around me, and that my mom was supposed to do things for me. I wish I hadn't taken her for granted. I can only make up for it now. Because of course now I realize that I was the wrong one, and she only loved me unconditionally and did her best as a mother.

5.  I wish I could change the fact that I went to Catholic school all of my life. Don't get me wrong, I got some amazing schooling. Teachers were great - they really cared. Lessons were advanced and I learned so much. However, I didn't experience much diversity in my school. I would have loved to go to a public school at some point in my childhood so that I could experience different cultures. Also, so that I could have more street smarts. I have the book smarts, but not so much street smarts. And I think that may be because I never experienced public schools.

6.  I wish I hadn't drank so much yesterday. Ugh, my tummy is mad at me today.

Almost caught up!

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