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September 29, 2010

Day Seven

I skipped a day. Hey, it's allowed. This is getting a tad old. I want to blog about recipes and restaurants! I will be kind of glad when this is over. I know no one is forcing me to do this, but I might as well finish what I started. At least today's topic is short.

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

1. Bad breath and hygiene - Well this is pretty obvious, but who wants a smelly man? Don't get me wrong, a manly smell is attractive at times. But smelling like you don't shower is a no-no. And the bad breath thing makes kissing almost unbearable. I once had a boyfriend (my last boyfriend was when I was like 14!!) who had really bad breath and I just couldn't bear to kiss him really. I knew that we wouldn't last. And also dirty fingernails - Just because you are a man, doesn't mean you have to be a dirty man. I know a lot of men have dirty jobs, but please clean under your nails. It just looks like you don't wash your hands if not!

2. Guys who try to hit on girls by yelling "Hey shortie" or "Can I holla at you?" or something else that is not at all flattering to a woman (or me at least). If I were even single, do they even think I would be attracted to that or want to be treated like that? And once I respond that I have a boyfriend/fiancee, they just say they don't care. Well obviously I do if I am telling you!

3. Pushovers - Yeah, of course I want PJ to do what I want him to do. But would I really want a pushover? Hell no! I want (and have) a man with a backbone. I want a man to act like a man. I don't like when I hear stories about a man just being trampled over by his girl. We have a friend who just takes anything from his girlfriend... she cheats, does what she wants when she wants, and he just takes it. I often say that I want PJ to do what I say, but at the same time I would not be satisfied with a man who I could walk all over. I like the idea of equality in a relationship. We aim for that.

4. Leaving the toilet seat up - We have a co-ed bathroom at work, and sometimes the toilet seat is left up. Guys, you know that you work with women! We don't want to see your pee-covered seat, let alone touch it to put it back down! Also, I hate when men don't wipe their pee wee and don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom. Even if it's just number 1, wash those hands! It freaks me out because I know a lot of guys don't (and girls too, I see that at the mall when they just leave without washing!). And I hate the thought of a guy not wiping, there could be a little leftover pee that needs to be wiped off! Ok we are getting a little too graphic maybe?

All done - glad that was a shorter one!

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