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December 29, 2010

WWDB? Bud Lite Lime

Welcome to another edition of WWDB?

What is WWDB? you ask?

WWDB? = What would Desi buy?

and I'm Desi!!!

I am letting you know about good products that I test out that I love!

So what would Desi buy, you ask?

Remember when I said that alcohol makes me happy? Well, here is another quick post to reiterate that :) I used to be a liquor kinda gurl. I'd sip on my vodka and rum drinks, and keep drinking and drinking because it tasted so good and I couldn't feel it yet. But of course it would creep up on me. And then I would be a little too tipsy for my likings, and feeling oh so gross the next day! So now I like to stick to beer. I never have been one of those people who loves the taste of beer. It actually repulsed me at first. And I have found that the regular beers just seem so heavy in my belly, so I like to stick to lite beer when I can. So I was really glad when I found this fruity and lite kinda beer, Bud Lite Lime. I have heard so many "true beer drinkers" claim that this is not real beer. That it tastes like crap. That it doesn't taste like.... well, beer! Which is totally fine by me, and maybe why I like it more. My fiancee and I both love it, it is our fave beer. So it can't be considered a girly beer if my man drinks it too! So if you are a true beer connoisseur, forgive my cheap, diluted taste. But if you don't really like the taste of beer and want something that is a little sweeter and fruitier, then try this refreshing Bud Lite Lime! 

*Note: I receive no compensation for my product reviews on WWDB? All opinions are my own and are solely for the purpose of informing my readers of tried and true products.


Krista said...

I'm with you! I totally love me some Bud Lite Lime! Good call : )

Happy New Year!

Desi said...

Happy New Year, Krista! Hope you and your family had a great Christmas :)

Desi said...

oh and I have a feeling I'm gonna be drinkin a good amount of that stuff tomorrow night! lol :)