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December 2, 2010


Holy Sweet Jesus I haven't blogged in so long! It's been busy around my neck of the woods, as I'm sure everyone has been! Work has been busy, and of course the holidays. I feel so bad that I wasn't able to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, nor did I post any Thanksgiving recipes or leftover ideas. What kind of food blogger doesn't blog about some yummy turkey and stuffing recipes?! This one, that's who! I really wanted to get into it, but life doesn't allow for that sometimes. Hopefully I can do more baking and holiday-related posts for Christmas... but that's not a promise....

So Happy BELATED Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope you all spent it with family and friends and good food :) I sure did! On Thanksgiving day, PJ and I went to my mama's house for dinner and enjoyed some turkey, ham, collard greens (always a must at my mama's house for any occasion), rolls, mac and cheese, and lemon pie. It was a pretty small gathering - just my mama, daddy, brother, PJ and I. Can you believe that was the first time PJ had gone to my parents' house for a holiday dinner? After 10 years! I hardly can believe it myself. But my family is strange like that... but that's another story....

Don't ask me why I have NO pictures from my mom's Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't take any pics of her food, or any of PJ with us for the first time this Thanksgiving. I am such a slacker! But I for sure wasn't going to make that same mistake the next day, on Friday when we went to PJ's mom's for dinner. More turkey, yay! Amy always outdoes herself... .she decorated the table beautifully and all of her food was sooooo good and looked like it took forever to make! She also made homemade gravy and stuffing, which was a real treat. I am definitely gonna be getting some recipes from her for when we host our own Thanksgiving one day. Dinner at her house was fancier than my mama's, with a beautifully decorated table setting, and fancy foods. Don't tell my mom, but the turkey and stuffing were also better!

Wanna know another reason why I'm a crappy food blogger? Though I wasn't hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house, I did want to make some desserts or something to bring to each house to help out. But what do you know... I ran out of time and didn't. Or maybe it was laziness?

Enough of the yapping, let's get to the pictures! And like I said, no pics from my mom's house... so these are all from the future in-laws' house.

Mashed potatoes are a must at Thanksgiving. Pour some gravy on them and that's pure deliciousness. There was beer too, and beer is always good :) I had me a bud light lime. That red casserole dish at the top left is her scrumptious stuffing... I dunno what all she put in it but man was it the best stuffing I have ever had! It had apples in it I think, and I thought I would never like a stuffing with fruit in it. I was always against it, until now. Oh, I will be getting my hands on this recipe some day. Best. Stuffing. Ever.

At the other end, we had the moist, succulent turkey... and my favorite Thanksgiving recipe - broccoli cheese casserole. Amy's is the best! I tried to make it once at home, but it just wasn't the same :(  I need to perfect this skill. The turkey was the juiciest I have ever eaten! It had a nice golden brown skin and was seasoned nicely. I want some more right now! And that little cup of homemade gravy was to die for! I passed on the cranberry sauce, as usual....

And a whole look at the table setting and food. The blue bowl towards the back of the table was some tasty grapefruit concoction that Amy whipped up - I was surprised I liked it! Oh, and how could I forget her signature palette cleansing starter - orange sherbert with cranberry juice. So easy, and so tasty! We had a little debate over the difference between sherbert, sherbet, and sorbet. No one really knows the difference....

This is Peej and I at his mom's house for Thanksgiving. His eyes are always squinted :)

I wish I had gotten pics of us at both houses... of both families, but I didn't. And now I am sad about it. My mom doesn't like taking pictures anyways. Whenever I whip out the camera, she sighs and says "Here we go again." I never understand those people who don't like pictures... who doesn't like making and keeping memories?!?!

Oh well, maybe next Thanksgiving??? And there's always this Christmas :)


And finally, the last reason why I am a crappy blogger - I think like over a month ago I mentioned an upcoming review of a CSN product.... Well I received the product about a month ago, and used it, and still haven't reviewed it. Oopsies. Look for that super late post.... coming soon!


Faith said...

haha, you are too funny!

i don't understand people who don't like pictures either! but that's coming from the person who must document every little thing!

thanksgiving at your FIL looked great and sounded tasty by the way you raved about the food!

let's hope you mom doesn't seen this post, hehe :)

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