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December 7, 2010

Restaurant Review : Denny's in Schaumburg, IL

This past August, I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in Illinois. I was so happy when PJ said he would make the trip with me. Such a good fiancee I've trained him to be :) Just kidding. But after a longggg, tiresome, but exciting weekend we were ready to go back home to Cincinnati. But not first without stopping at one of our favorite breakfast places ever - Denny's. You see, we have Denny's here in Cincinnati but they are usually in more of rural areas and not near the city. So if we want to go to Denny's, we have to travel 30 minutes at the least. So we are really excited when we just so happen to stumble across one while we are out and about. You wanna know something else too? We stopped at Denny's in Shelbyville, IN on the way to Chicago. And here we were stopping again on the way back. The first stop was so good that we had to go back again and test it out in Chicago. So what I've learned? Basically that Denny's is good in Cincinnati, Indiana, and Chicago! Basically anywhere!

There was some construction going on right outside of this particular one. It was located in a plaza and with all of the construction, it wasn't the best location. But who cares? Certainly not us. And also, it has been a few months since we actually dined here so it may be hard for me to remember exact menu items.

PJ loves milkshakes, so he started out with what I'm thinking is a strawberry milkshake. He was ready to drink it up so I had to hurry with my picture-taking. Well that sure looks delicious.

Since milkshakes are more like dessert for me than a thirst-quenching drink, I opted for one of their fancy 'fusion favorites' - The Pineapple Dream. I was really hoping it would be tremendous, I mean oj, pineapple and Sprite mixed sounds good to me! But it wasn't very good actually. I definitely didn't need to get refills, though I believe they are free for these drinks. No free refills on milkshakes though, sorry kids!

Whenever I go to Denny's, I HAVE to order breakfast. No lunch or dinner items for me, no sirree. I am a breakfast kinda gurl. But just the fact that they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options is a plus in my book. So that people like me can order my breakfast at any time of day, and people like my fiancee can stick to lunch sandwiches and burgers. 

Now... the reason we had to stop at Denny's for a second time on our trip.... was to order, for the second time in 2 days, the Banana's Foster French Toast Skillet. It is alot of sweet heavenly goodness! Some people may say it is too sweet, I think our waitress said that actually. But it is just THE best french toast I have ever had! And it comes with eggs and bacon/sausage. I had cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon. I must find a copycat recipe so that I can make it at home, since we don't live close to a Denny's. (On a side note, boy is this picture blurry! And of course it's the main thing I want you to see!!! Don't let my picture fool you, it is far better than the picture makes it look). Look at that banana foster sauce sizzlin, practically beggin me to come back for more! I wonder if I put my ear to it if I can hear it squealing "Eat me, eat me."

PJ ordered the Hickory Grilled Chicken Sandwich which comes with melted cheese, onion rings (or tanglers as they call them), lettuce, tomato, and a sweet hickory spread. With a side of fries. The bad part about posting restaurant reviews so long after you've eaten there? I can't remember if he liked it. But it sure does look good, doesn't it? Those onion rings look super crispy, as well as the fries. I'm so mean, making him wait like that just so I could take a picture! He is used to this by now. Hey, that's the life of the fiancee of a food blogger  :)

And everything is a reasonable price. They even have a $2, $4, $6, and $8 value menu. You would think that sweet french toast and eggs and bacon would be enough for me. But no. I had to test out those Pancake Puppies. I only see the Pancake Puppies Sundae on their menu now, but mine didn't come with ice cream, fudge, and whipped cream. Mine were just the pancake puppies. My brain is trying to tell me something... maybe they were cookies and cream flavored pancake puppies? I'm not sure exactly, but they were small pancake balls topped with powdered sugar. They were fine, nothing special. Especially after eating two french toasts, eggs, and bacon.

Look at my pretty fingernails all done up in a french manicure for the wedding. My nails haven't looked that good since. 

Oh, and there's me enjoying my delicious Banana's Foster french toast. You are the reason I come to Denny's.

This seriously is my kinda place. Food that's better than fast food but with fast food prices. Greater Cincinnati, please bring a Denny's closer to us city folk!

One problem: Why did I have three plates of food to PJ's one? I suddenly feel like the man in the relationship.

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Faith said...

the food looks delish! i understand why you had more than PJ, LOL. hahaha, a girl knows what she likes to eat ... that's all!

p.s. your word verification is comic ... which is very fitting after reading this post!

Krista said...

Oh yeah! You can't go wrong with Denny's. I've been indulging since college! Cute post!

Unknown said...

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