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December 9, 2010

CSN Review (Finally!!!!) - Cast Iron Skillet


Here it is, the long-awaited CSN review. I thought I had to post something about it but technically, I guess I just had to do a teaser post, and then review the product on their website. So I'll keep it short. I received a Emerilware 12" cast iron skillet by All-Clad ($24.95 value) in the mail and was so excited! It came pre-seasoned so I didn't have to season it myself, thank God cuz I wouldn't know how! This cast iron skillet is super heavy. You MUST lift it with two hands! It gets very hot very quickly. I wasn't quite ready for such high scorching temperatures so unfortunately, I ended up with some burnt bacon. But that was just because I didn't know any better.

I learned that cast iron skillets are great for high-heat cooking (maybe I should have done more research before using it?). They cook and heat evenly throughout. They are great for searing, making cornbread, and it is pretty deep so I can make sauces in it as well. I have already seared some chicken in it, bacon (obviously), and also made a fettuccine alfredo sauce in it. But those posts will come later. I just wanted to do a quick review of this cast iron skillet, which I am so grateful to finally have!

*Note: 12" is pretty large. They offer smaller sized skillets as well. Also, clean it after each use and dry immediately. Leaving wet surfaces on it will cause rust to form. Some people say not to clean cast iron skillets at all. Others say to clean it mildly with hot water. I can't imagine never cleaning it and all of that old grease building up on it, so I definitely clean mine. I learned the hard way after letting it air dry and saw small rust spots already appearing. I know now so I have no excuses.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a soft spot in their hearts for good old fashioned cast iron skillets  :)


Sommer said...

I love my cast-iron skillet! use it for for almost everything. great from stove-top to oven, great for searing steaks in your house, and I just used yesterday to make some pretty awesome burgers! how awesome you were able to review this!!!

Oh yes, you asked for the mac n cheese and the green bean casserole recipe on my blog. The mac n cheese recipe is from The Neely's Cookbook. DON'T USE THE RECIPE ON THE SITE. The cookbook is far superior, and this mac n cheese is awesome. Also if you have an e-mail address you can send me, I'll give you the green bean casserole recipe. my e-mail is

Julie said...

Seasoning cast iron is simple-- and cooking bacon is a great way to keep it seasoned. Just make sure that when you clean it, you don't use soap!