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December 31, 2012

Countdown to 2013: Best Main Dishes of 2012

I'm a little late joining up, but here's my roundup of my main dishes of 2012!

Well, not so much a roundup... Basically I've learned that I didn't post many savory recipes at all this year! Oops. It is soooo on my resolution list for 2013 to be better with blogging recipes! I have tons of pictures on my camera, just haven't blogged about them.

So here are two delicious mains for you :)

Grilled Filets with Bourbon Butter

Ranch Taco Salad

More roundup posts coming :)

Peace, and bacon grease!


Faith said...

although you only posted two, both look amazing! i must try.

make sure to post a lot in 2013 ;)

happy new year!

Chris said...

I'd like both of those right now for lunch, please!

Happy 2013!

Sarah E. said...

Those filets...*drool*
They look so so good!