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December 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Arirang Japanese Bistro in Kenwood

Well, friends.

I discovered something.

I love sushi.

Like, love love it.

Ever since PJ started working at a sushi place for a couple months, we have been having sushi at least 2 nights a week. He doesn't even work there anymore but we still make special trips there twice a week.

And since I discovered my newfound love for sushi, of course I've been stocking up on sushi groupons like the world ends tomorrow. 

First up, Arirang Japanese Bistro.


It's located across from Kenwood mall near Barnes and Nobles. It would have gone unnoticed by me had it not been for this groupon!

Me and my girlfriend Sheryl decided to have sushi there after a couple hours of studying for an exam. I love the decor!! There is a nice lobby area when you enter, with a hostess station and a koi fish pond to your side. I feel bad for those fish.

The booths are large, black leather, and comfy. Just how I like em.

We wanted to share and try two different sushi rolls. After being bombarded by the waitress like 5 times, we finally ordered. We decided on the Heaven Roll with minor adjustments, and the Volcano Roll since that is what PJ and I always order from Wild Ginger, the place he worked. We have ordered it at Naked Tchopstix also but it had nothin on Wild Ginger's Volcano Roll in our opinions. More on that at another time... 

Here is the Heaven Roll ($15), 8 small rolls with crabmeat, shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeƱo, and cucumber topped with salmon... except we skipped the cream cheese and cucumber, and subbed asparagus to replace the crunch from the cucumber. I hate cucumber and we were already having cream cheese in the other roll. This one was good as well, but we preferred the Volcano Roll. But still good, I'd definitely order it again! 

We also shared the Volcano Roll ($15) which had tuna, cream cheese, and jalapeno... deep fried and topped with spicy crabmeat and eel sauce and spicy mayo. It was very good! I am not usually a fan of cream cheese in my sushi but there was the right amount in these and it worked just right. Look at all that topping!!

Can I ever get a good, non-blurry, nicely lit photo in a restaurant?!

They also have hibachi if you are interested in that! Seating for the hibachi dinner is on a separate side of the restaurant.

I'm sure I'll be back.... I'll have to bring PJ! 

Good stuff, good stuff.

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Chris said...

It's the low lighting that makes the shot hard.

Try upping your ISO to 800 or more and use the fastest shutter speed you can.

Rule of thumb, your shutter speed should be no slower than the inverse of your focal length. So if you are shooting a 18-55mm lens and it is zoomed to 55mm, then a shutter speed less than 1/55 will likely be blurry.

Easier way? Eat during daylight and ask to be seated next to a window, lol.

Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Yay i made the blog!!! ;)
had such a great time with you there..and LOVED the sushi! we def need to go back sometime!