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May 30, 2011

Menu Planning - Week of 5/30/11

Hey guys! Happy Memorial Day to you all. I am enjoying a day off, gratefully, and later get to enjoy grilling out with my family. PJ and I grilled out last night too, some pork chops, metts and brauts, and potatoes. I love grill out food so much. I am lovin this weather which is allowing us to be able to grill outside!

Sorry I skipped the menu plan last week. But I'm back for more planning. Today's easy, I get to go eat at my Mama's house. So no cooking for me :) But for the rest of the week, I'm gonna select a couple of meals from that cookbook that I told you about, you know, the one that I want to get more use out of? And looks like pretty nice weather for the upcoming week, so more grill time over the weekend, I hope!

Monday 5/30/11:  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! grill out with family

Tuesday 5/31/11:  grill out with Peej - brauts, metts, not sure what else

Wednesday 6/1/11:  BLT Lettuce Wraps (+ avocado!)

Thursday 6/2/11:  Lasagna Roll-Ups - from cookbook

Friday 6/3/11:  Cajun Chicken Pasta - from cookbook

Doing my usual linkups - to Menu Plan Monday

and Marvelous Menu


Hope you all enjoy or have enjoyed your holiday weekend. I love a great excuse to get together with family and eat well. And thanks to all of those who fight for our country, of course! I'm proud to be an American!

Peace, and bacon grease!


Unknown said...

cajun chicken pasta sounds great.

Joanne said...

sounds like a delicious week in food is coming up! Can't wait to see those lasagna rolls!

Jihane @ Sinful Sundays said...

Yum! It all sounds great but Wednesday through Friday meals sound like sure winners!

Desi said...

Thanks, ladies! Hopefully I actually stick to my menu plan and make everything on the menu!

Nina Marana said...

Thank you joining my meme love your menu have a great day.


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