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February 4, 2011

WWDB? Bugles!

*Welcome to another edition of WWDB?

What is
WWDB? you ask?

WWDB? = What would Desi buy?

and I'm Desi!!!

I am letting you know about good products that I test out that I love!

So what would Desi buy, you ask?

BUGLES!!!! Ok I know I am takin it back to like 1852 (not really... but they did first come out in 1966) with this, since they have been around for so long, but I forgot how much I love Bugles! I used to eat the cheesy kind as a kid, putting them on my fingertips and pretending they were long nails. I'd put them up to my face and act like I was thinking and pondering about something in depth, or I'd pretend to scratch my friends or mama with them. Bugles made playing with food, fun.

But I forgot about them for years and years. Until I saw some in a little convenience store by my work. I was starving and needed some quick snack and I saw those cheesy Bugles, and I wondered if they would still be as good as when I was a kid. Oh, they were. I seriously think I went back and bought out all the cheesy Bugles in the store. Only like five $.99 bags but still. 

And then I went to another little convenience store around my work, and they had ranch Bugles! I had NEVER seen ranch ones. Of course I have seen Cool Ranch Doritos, but not Bugles. I was uber excited. So I stocked up on some of those too, and I just may like them more than the cheesy kind.

Now I am on the lookout for all the different flavors of Bugles! Is anyone else with me?! I've also seen a sweet and salty caramel flavor, and a sweet and salty peanut butter chocolate kind that I would love to try : )  I feel like they should have so many flavors out of these, like they make tons of Ruffles and Doritos flavors.  Wikipedia says that there are numerous flavors like chile cheese, sour cream and onion, salsa, smokin' bbq, churros, southwest ranch, hot buffalo, and hot & spicy bbq. Where are they?!!? Not in any of my grocery or convenience stores near me!

Bugle man... or fairy.... or cowboy, whoever and wherever you are, please bring me more-flavored Bugles. 

Thanks in advance. 

The Bugle Addict

*Note: I receive no compensation for my product reviews on WWDB? All opinions are my own and are solely for the purpose of informing my readers of tried and true products.


1 comment:

Faith said...

omg, i remember how much my mom loved those chips ... me, not so much. i don't know why but i was never a big fan. you know how they say the taste buds change as we get older ... i should give them another chance!