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February 4, 2011

Idiotic Idioms #1

There are just some sayings that I can not stand. Like, they make no sense to me. Well, they make sense. I know what they are supposed to mean. But I don't know how anybody came up with that saying, or how it could literally make any sense. I hear so many that just agitate me. I hate when people say them! A few weeks ago, Peej and I were going off about tons of sayings that annoyed the crap outta us. Now, I can't remember them!  But last night we did come up with one that drives us crazy....

"Going to hell in a handbasket."

If I ever go to hell, I don't think it will be in a handbasket. Who came up with that?!? I mean, what made someone pick 'handbasket'? How come it isn't "Going to hell in a car" or "Going to hell in a laundry basket".... why a handbasket? And could a person really fit in a handbasket? Does that saying only apply to little people who can possibly fit in an actual handbasket? And it usually means something is going downhill very quickly.... does the use of a handbasket actually make you move faster towards hell? 

I know I can be such a smart ass sometimes  : )

Now I know why they call them IDIOMS.... maybe because many of them are so IDIOTIC? Just sayin.

Sorry, that's all my rantin and ravin for now. Until the next edition of Idiotic Idioms, that is .....


Sally Darling said...

Well not to "Let the cat out of the bag" but here's one that's "Straght from the horse's mouth" and it drives me Bonkers...."Close only counds in horse shoes and hand grenades".
Silly ole sayings.

Faith said...

i've never heard that saying ... but i agree ... it makes no sense at all.