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February 23, 2011

Restaurant Review : J & J Restaurant in Western Hills/Westwood area

It's been awhile since I have reviewed a restaurant. Truthfully, I don't get too excited about it anymore. My blog originally started as a place to review restaurants, but then I fell in love with the whole food blogging world and it has developed into more of a cooking blog, with reviews on the side. That's fine by me! But I'm not completely giving up the reviews, I still love to venture out and try new restaurants and report back to all of you. 

J & J Restaurant is nestled in a little strip mall near the new Kroger on Glenway. It is a chili and double decker kinda place, and though I do appreciate that, I'm all about places that offer breakfast! Any place that serves breakfast at all hours of the day is my kinda place. On this particular day however, I didn't get breakfast. Wonder what had gotten into me that day. But I definitely will go back to try more of their breakfast menu.

PJ isn't a breakfast freak like me, so he got a cheeseburger platter, with all the fixins on his burger... nothing special. They serve the thick cut crinkly fries. He also got a side of applesauce with his meal. Random, I know. And yes that is PJ's shirt behind that cheeseburger. 

Though I didn't get a breakfast item, I did get a double decker with bacon... which is a breakfast food, right?! I had mine with some mayo and hard boiled eggs and lettuce. It was yummy, but you can't really go wrong with a bacon and egg sandwich, well maybe if the bacon is microwaved. Then it is just all sorts of wrong.

I did have a side of home fries, which is also breakfast-related. But I need to get back there to try some sausage, eggs, omelets, hot cakes, and more! Here are my home fries.... they were kind of bland and I had to pour so much salt and pepper on them to give them flavor. I would prefer some kind of breakfast potatoes, the ones that are diced and crispy. Oh, and that's PJ's applesauce trying to get all in the picture.

So my double decker was tasty, but the home fries not so much. PJ enjoyed his burger and fries. And they serve Dr. Pepper, which is always a plus. Overall it wasn't the best food we've ever eaten, but for a quick and convenient place to eat it works. Plus they offer a wide selection, from breakfast food to double deckers to chili and coneys and 3-ways. I think they don't take credit card, but they have an ATM inside the restaurant for you to get yo cash out (for a fee, of course). 

So if you're in the Western Hills/Westwood/Cheviot (whatever the heck that area is called!) area then stop by. Try some of that breakfast for me and let me know how it is, will ya? 

Peace, and bacon grease!

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