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July 5, 2013

Obsessions + Confessions

Time for another week of my obsessions + confessions! I really look forward to writing these posts now. I love to share my obsessions with you and things that are going on in my life! 

Love all of these funnies

This elephant frock! I am obsessed with all things elephants! I'll take her body too.

Besides elephants, I'm also obsessed with monkeys! Can someone make me this cake? Let's pretend it's my birthday.

I love mysteries. I've always been one to investigate. So of course I'm loving the new show Whodunnit. I sooo wish I could do that in real life.

Ok so I love tv. Anyone watching the show The American Baking Competition? OMG it's like my fave show right now. I love learning tips on baking souffles and macarons and croissants and all the hard stuff that intimidates me to no end. This show really makes me just wanna get in the kitchen and TRY! These people have practiced making all of these things so that eventually they've become masters at it. Sometimes I just expect to make something once and it be right. I've gotta get used to trying and making mistakes, but keeping at it until I've got it. *Tear Elaine went home last week :(

I usually don't like sci fi, but me and the man really enjoyed this new show called Under the Dome. My life is tv apparently.
These need to magically appear in my closet.

Oh, and these. I am all about the wedge shoe right now. It sure does help a short sista out.

So happy to see a box of these on my doorstep when I got home from work the other day. Told ya I'm about the wedge sandal right now!

Wish I could walk in these.

Definitely making these Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches one of these patriotic holidays.

Hot fudge sundae in cookie form? And who knew you could bake with ice cream??? Not I, not I.

Have you heard about my love for all things grilled? You could probably grill a shoe and I'd justify it's smoky flavor and gorgeous grill marks. Anyhoo, I want this grilled for me right now and served on a platter.

Oh yeah, I'm also obsessin over avocados. But that's nothing new. Give me this. Thanks.

Can I live here? That music room + that game room + that mudroom + that pantry. Heaven is a place on earth.

I'm looking for a kitchen storage buffet or sideboard to store my ever-growing food prop supply. Any ideas? I need affordable, not too big, and cute. 

We leave late tomorrow for Myrtle Beach! You can't tell how excited and ready I am. Well, maybe if I put it in caps you'll understand. I'M SO EXCITED AND READY!! Follow my instagram for updates :)

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Chris said...

That frock is cute but there is no way it's going to fit on an elephant ;)