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March 12, 2013

Thin Mints Milkshakes

This month is filled with greats!


PJ's birthday was March 7th, mine is March 24th, Easter is March 31st, spring arrives this month, AND March 17th is St. Patty's Day. What an awesome month, if I may say so myself.

This week I'm celebrating the upcoming holiday by bringing you some St. Patty's Day treats. All week long! Well, Thursday I'm participating in a challenge so that won't be St. Patty's Day-related. But my other posts will. So if you're looking for some last minute green/mint/Irish goodies, this is the spot to be.


I'm weird for many reasons, I'll admit. I pick at my food. It takes me like an hour to eat dinner. I cry on reality shows, but love to watch UFC fighting and gory scary movies. I don't like to drink after people, even my mom and PJ! 

But the weird thing about me that is relevant for today is that I dislike mint for the most part, except when it comes to York Peppermint Patties, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. So I dislike mint, but I like mint. Whatever kinda sense that makes.

So yeah, I like Thin Mints. And I like this Thin Mints Milkshake.  I think yall will too!


Thin Mints Milkshake
ever-so-slightly adapted from Your Homebased Mom
  • 2 cups vanilla or vanilla bean ice cream 
  • 1 cup milk
  • 6 Thin Mint cookies + more for garnish 
  • Whipped cream for topping
Blend all ingredients in a blender. Top with crushed Thin Mints for garnish.

Printable Recipe  

Nothing says St. Patty's Day like mint-flavored beverages.

Only thing that could make this cooler would be if it were green!! 

Stay tuned for more St. Patty's Day goodies throughout the week!

Peace, and bacon grease!


Faith said...

omg, you're killing me over here. seriously killing me.

it looks amazing!

Hun.... WFD said...

My kids would flip for this!! Thanks for sharing with Simple Supper Tuesday!

Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor said...

Oh my...this sounds Delish!!! Mmm!! I love thin mints so I know I would love this! I currently have a link party going and would love for you to share this and anything else you would like! Hope you'll stop by!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this at Tuesday Trivia's link party. My family loves chocolate and mint and thin mints, so their in love. I pinned it!
Hope to see you next week.
Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile said...

Frothy, cold and delicious! How can you NOT like mint! This is so yummy, Desi, I'd endure the brain freeze to devour this!

DC in STYLE said...

I'm a huge fan of milkshakes and this one looks awesome!!! By the way, I'm hosting a Link-Up party and would be thrilled if you decided to participate!!!

Craftivity Designs said...

This looks seriously delicious! My tummy is growling now, haha.
- Lora

Unknown said...

Yummy! Pinned! Thanks so much for linking up to Two Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker. I look forward to coming back on Monday Night!

Veronica Miller said...

I love how you're all positive about so much going on in March. You call me positive, but I kind of moan every time December comes around b/c both my sisters and my hubby were born that month, it always means overtime for me at work (shouldn't I be thankful for that? lol) and then there's all the Christmas stuff going on. Go you for thinking all the birthdays and holiday in March is the sauce! BTW thank you for being a freak so I'm not the only one. I also am not a huge mint or mint chocolate fan but I do like Thin Mints. I would totally hit this milk shake.

Chris said...

I could eat an entire sleeve of thin mint cookies so I know this shake would rock!

Happy early Birthday!