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June 12, 2012

Restaurant Review: Meritage in Glendale

A little whiles back I told you guys how I knocked a couple restaurants off the restaurant wish list in a single weekend. One was the Final Cut Steakhouse in Hollywood Casino.

And the other was Meritage in Glendale. We dined here for Mother's Day brunch last month with PJ's mom Amy, Grandma Betty, and stepdad Jim. I was excited to try this new-to-me restaurant as well as spend time with some amazing women in my life.

Meritage is in the old building that used to be the Glendale Gaslight Cafe. There is seating available in the front area as well as in the back. We were surprised at how empty is was on Mother's Day Sunday especially since they were offering a Mother's Day brunch menu of prime rib and bloody mary's, in addition to the normal menu. We got there around 11:30 AM or so, so I'm sure that was why it wasn't busy yet because business did start to pick up after awhile.

I loved loved loved our waiter. He was so very nice, friendly, funny, knowledgable about the menu, patient with grandma, and accommodating when we asked to sub the prime rib for the filet in the surf and turf. Plus it turned out that he recognized Amy and Jim from their eyeglass store where he also works. I want him to be my gay BFF lol.

We started with some complimentary rolls... I think they were dill-flavored. I didn't particularly like them. But that's ok, I am not a bread person really.

Amy ordered the Surf and Turf ($35), but subbed out the filet for prime rib. I am not much of a prime rib fan... especially that rare, but she enjoyed it. She had a lobster tail, twice baked potato, and asparagus too. Look at all that food!

She added this gorgeous half sized Wedge Salad to her entree for an additional $4.00. I tried a bite and it was magical. Ever since I had the wedge salad from Outback, I have been obsessed with them. This was probably even better than Outback's. It was that good. I wished I had ordered it myself!

PJ and I also ordered the Surf and Turf ($35) but stuck to the filet and lobster tail. OMG that filet was amazing, especially with that herbed butter melting and oozing over top. I am a lover of twice baked potatoes, and while this one wasn't nasty it wasn't the best I've  had. I think I've made better ones at home. And I wasn't blown away by the asparagus... again, I've made better asparagus at home. But the lobster tail and filet really hit the spot. Yes, at 11:30 AM. Ok maybe by the time we ate it was most like noon or a little after, so that doesn't seem as crazy. Right?

Jim ordered the Daily Fish with Crab Butter ($27) which is pan-seared and served over a bed of rice, with a side of asparagus. I'm not a fish fan so I wouldn't have ordered it myself, but he seemed to like it.

Amy wanted a photo of Betty and her boys. What a great photo! And what the? PJ is actually smiling? Cutie!

I would go back solely for the Wedge Salad. And for my waiter friend, who doesn't know who I am  :)

Peace, and bacon grease!

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city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

I thought that wedge salad was some kind of dessert when I first saw it. That looks good on it's own.

I could have taken either the filet or the prime rib, both look freaking fantastic to me.

Anonymous said...

Come see me

Miss you!