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June 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Final Cut Steakhouse

I told you all a little about this place awhile back on this post, but just to refresh your memories, it was one that was on my restaurant wish list that I had wanted to try. It's Final Cut Restaurant inside Hollywood Casino. We PJ may or may not have become a bit obsessed with the casino.

  1. Our view from inside the restaurant. A very brown and chocolate, warm and cozy feel. 
  2. Hand dived scallops, shellfish risotto, crispy parsnips, sweet pea puree ($29)
  3. 8 oz filet mignon ($34)
  4. Bourbon creamed corn for sharing ($6.50) and PJ's creamy horseradish sauce for his filet ($3.50)
  5. My side: sauteed button mushrooms and onions ($3.50)
  6. Complimentary pretzel bread

I loved the feel of the restaurant. Fancy with warm, chocolate tones and large booths. And not very busy.

I enjoyed my scallops... I don't think there's ever a time I don't like scallops, though. The risotto was ok but nothing special in my opinion. I have yet to be blown away by risotto. 

PJ's filet was nicely cooked. He tends to not like steak with a charred crust but I do, so I liked his... well, the little bite that I tried. Don't know about it being worth $34, though.

Our creamed corn tasted pretty good, maybe a bit too much cream so it wasn't fantastic. I kinda wished we had ordered a different side item. But it was large enough for the both of us to share. Again, not worth the price.

When my side of mushrooms came out, I was a bit disappointed because I usually don't like "sauteed" or "grilled" whole button mushrooms. I like my mushrooms sliced and sauteed or grilled more. The onions were fine but I wasn't really liking the mushrooms as much as I hoped. The pretzel bread was pretty good... salty, and a change from the usual white or sourdough bread to start.

So there you have it. I wasn't completely blown away by the food especially for the price, and thought some dishes could improve, and the waitress was a bit off.  We did still manage to enjoy our time at this restaurant. I'd like to try some other dishes as well. We have frequented several fine dining steakhouses before and this isn't one of the best, and for the price we would have expected better service and food. When we go back to the casino (which I'm sure we will due to someone's newfound addiction) we will probably try this place again. Let me know about yall's experiences!

Owner: if you're reading, can you come down on some of those prices? Or step up the quality and service? Just a suggestion.

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Faith said...

That is one of the things I hate the most! Expensive restaurant and less than stellar food. Some dives I've visited have had some great food so I guess it happens :)

And it is hard not to get addicted to casinos, hehe.

Chris said...

I don't mind paying for it when it is an amazing dish but when it's just okay, I hate paying premium prices.