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January 3, 2012

Menu Planning - Week of 1/2/12

It's a new year folks, and I'm trying to start it out right. That means menu planning! I usually like to do my menu planning posts on Monday (or Sunday if I'm really good) but today's is falling on a Tuesday, which gives me one less meal to plan. Woot woot! 

I've thoroughly enjoyed my breaks and they didn't last long enough. I'm officially back to work this week with no holidays in the near future. You too? How will we survive?! Not sure, but we will.

Oh, and next Monday I go back to school. WHAT?! Seriously, next Monday?! I remember when going back to grad school was merely a thought that crossed my mind. Then it became more real as I applied, took my MAT, endured interviews with the staff, and dealt with financial aid. And now the time is just about here to actually start the program. I almost can't believe it. It always seemed like so much work in my mind to take the steps to go back to school, and now I've taken the steps. I'm pretty proud about that, I must say. I'll be even more proud when I finish the program, or at least make it through my first class, do well on an exam, and finish some pages-long essays that I'm sure will be in store for me. Wish me luck?

This Thursday I'll be doing the orientation thing... picking up my All-card, purchasing textbooks for my classes, and getting a tour of the campus since it's changed immensely since I've attended 4 years ago. I'm nervous!

But enough of psyching myself out and complicating the issue. I've got some menu planning to do. 2012 is gonna be a menu planning year... I can feel it!

Tuesday 1/3/12:  The Great White Chili

Wednesday 1/4/12:  Chicken Pot Pie topped with Mashed Potatoes (more like a shepherd's pie)

Thursday 1/5/12:  pick something up, orientation night

Friday 1/6/12:  Chili Cornbread Bake

Saturday 1/7/12:  dinner out, use a Groupon

Sunday 1/8/12:  Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup

It's a new year, so hopefully that means I actually stick to the menu plan for once and make all of these delicious recipes. I still need to purchase a lens for my new camera... I hoped to have it by now for my food blog photos, but it just didn't happen quite as I anticipated. Call me uppity, but I just can't bring myself to take photos with my old point and shoot knowing that I've got a dslr just waiting to be used. Oh well, guess I shouldn't forget what I started with and how far I've come!

Here's to a great first week in 2012. Good luck in sticking to all of your resolutions!

Peace, and bacon grease!

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