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August 19, 2011

Restaurant Review : The Polo Grille in Mason

We dined at The Polo Grille in Mason, Ohio this past Valentine's Day, since I had a $50 LivingSocial deal. We weren't exactly sure if it would be "romantic" enough, and wondered if we were in for more of a bar date night. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to a beautiful upscale yet casual restaurant. I loved the decor. We were greeted by a hostess and seated immediately.

It wasn't very packed though it was Valentine's Day, and we were surprised and happy about it. No one likes to battle the long waits at restaurants on busy holidays. We started out with the Spanish "Scotch" Egg as an appetizer, which is a regular on their menu. I had tried a Scottish egg once before when a coworker made one at a lunch cookout. I was hooked ever since. I mean, it's pretty genius if you ask me.... a hard boiled egg surrounded by sausage? Yum! So I talked PJ into ordering it. I have to admit, I liked my coworker's Scottish egg better. The chorizo was just a little too crispy on the one from the restaurant. PJ enjoyed it, and I did as well, just not as much as one I'd had in the past. Boy, did that thing come out beautifully presented though, on a bed of tomato salsa and drizzled with a pretty white aioli of some kind.  (Sorry for all of the blurry pics!) 


We also ordered the house-made soup of the day, which was the Crab Bisque. It was so creamy, and it melted in my mouth. We both loved the bisque and would definitely order it again, which is an option as they make it with some regularity due to its popularity. Again, the only complaint is that I wish I had a bigger bowl of that creamy goodness!

I'll take about 3 of those lil cups  :)

They were offering some special Valentine's Day menu items, such as the "Seafood Cioppino" and "Boeuf Bourguignon", both tempting indeed. I wanted to order the Boeuf Bourguignon but they were sold out, unfortunately. So I opted for the Double Filet of Beef which was served with a plump potato cake, gorgonzola cream, and scallions. The cream was delicious and I wished there was more! The potato cake was pretty good but my steak and gorgonzola cream were the stars of the dish.

PJ ordered, and I quote him, "THE best burger ever":  that would be their Kobe Beef Burger, another regular fixture on their menu. It was a 7 oz. patty with "soy-glazed shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, and havarti cheese" on a brioche bun. He even tried a Kobe Beef Burger at Eddie Merlots, (we LOVE that place!), which is a more expensive restaurant, and he swears that the one from The Polo Grille blows it outta the water and is the best burger he's ever tasted. I tried a bite (just a bite, cuz that's all he'd let me have lol! jk) and it was a delicious burger! PJ has been begging for us to go back solely for the Kobe Beef Burger. I just wished we didn't live so far away!

I just had to point out one minor detail that bugged me a bit. I hate typos on menus. I noticed a typo on theirs... they misspelled the word "shrimp". Sorry, that's the grammar/spelling witch in me. I wonder if they have noticed that since we dined there?

Also, we were seated immediately, but I think the waitress forgot about us for a bit because it took awhile for her to take our order. Eventually a manager came by and apologized for our wait, even though we hadn't complained and didn't plan on it because we were just enjoying each other's company. We liked that they at least noticed that they had kept us waiting for a bit, which we didn't even really mind! She was a very nice woman and we could tell she worked hard to please her customers, especially on a special night! So though we did have to wait a bit for our order to be taken, we loved the service and friendly atmosphere. Oh, and they comped our app since we had to wait. Can't complain, can't complain.

We really enjoyed our Valentine's Day at The Polo Grille and definitely will go back. Though it is a good 40 minute drive or so for us, I can't deprive PJ of anything that he refers to as "the best". It's just not right. I like to keep my man happy! So we will definitely be back for that memorable burger, I'm sure some crab bisque, and hopefully to try something different and maybe some alcohol during their Happy Hour!

Peace, and bacon grease!

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Faith said...

all the food you mentioned sounds so delish! i want some! i love how you review these restaurants!

Chris said...

The kobe burger sounds amazing. I gotta run, I'm making a shirmp salad.

Anonymous said...

I've ate at restaurants twice as expensive as the Polo Grille that tasted 4x as good. Mason Ohio restaurants