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August 2, 2011

Menu Planning - Week of 8/1/11

Wake up, wake up, wake up it's the first of the month! (well, yesterday it was...)

And a Monday, for that matter (again, yesterday). Yall know what that means... menu planning time!

(ok it was Monday when I started writing this post, but time got the best of me and I didn't get around to posting this until Tuesday. Sorry!)

Monday 8/1/11:  Oven Barbequed Chicken with leftover mac and cheese and salad

Tuesday 8/2/11:  Zuppa Toscana with garlic bread

Thursday 8/4/11:  out to eat, use one of my Groupons

Friday 8/5/11:  Kicked-Up Shrimp Fried Rice

Saturday 8/6/11:  shopping and dinner with my bestie, Marcey

Sunday 8/7/11:  Grilled Chicken with White Barbeque Sauce  and corn on the cob

I'm excited for this week in food. I've got some yummy recipes to try! I've been loving all of these new recipes I've been trying, and so has PJ. He loves them so much that he asks why I never make them a second time. I tell him it's because there are sooooo many other wonderful recipes out there that I've discovered and must make, there's no time to make the same thing again! lol but I do when we are pressed for time and don't want to bother with making a new recipe. But for the most part I look forward to trying something new each night and not having the same old same old.

So what's on the menu this week, friends?

Peace, and bacon grease!


Mary said...

Your menu looks great. I hope you like the broccoli! I am happily following you now. :) Your pork roast sounded delicious.

Desi said...

@ Barefeet in the Kitchen - I'm sure I will love that broccoli! Thanks for stopping by!

Faith said...

your menu for the week looks delish!

that is what has been so exciting about trying new recipes ... but i love when i find a recipe that i want to make more than once ... so exciting!

Chris said...

I'm starting to sense that you are addicted to Alabama style bbq sauce ;)